81# Girls on Top

81# Girls on Top

Trying to complete downloads of some tracks from Ai otsuka, so that i can burn an audio CD for pre-listening before the 3rd album is released. I do not have some tracks which included in the singles but not included in the albums. What to do, got to download them.

Man, still got few tracks only to complete but the hosts are not on the line. Searched for BoA's songs. Lots of albums and singles. But "Girls on Top"? What album is this? I just downloaded one track from that album.

Oh man! It was her voice i swear! I did not know that she release any album yet. Went to the official site and check, no. And went to the unofficial site, it was announced that the Korean album 'Girls on Top" is already released... I must buy it....I'm going out on wednesday and i must hunt for it. But dumb malaysia needs more than 2 weeks, or a month longer only will have the album... For those who concern, click here.

Today went out for guitar class replacement, the very first time I got traffic police to check me. Luckily at that time i followed all the rules. Both of my hands were at the steering. My IC and licience were with me. Not listening to my Gothic metal loudly in my car, BoA's one instead. No problem, passed, haha.

Basically I'm clear with family chords and understand how to apply the scales for major, dominant and minor barre chords. I was told to create myself a song with it. It is not that easy, but i will try to create one with reference to Jay Chou's slow song style... Jing Tian, Gui Ji, yeah.

Not going to Slipknot live... Shocked to know from William that they are going to Singapore. I wanted to go but... There're so many things that I needed to consider. The main thing is, I do not have financial support to get myself there. Plus, the tickets might already sold off. Though audrey could help me to ask about it. Never mind, cannot go means cannot go. Such a big waste for this golden chance. For sure Msia won't allow them here. Go to singapore to watch their live show is the biggest chance ever somehow.

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