77# Fifth of July...

77# Fifth of July...

I was doing nothing at the stairs. Out of a sudden everyone rushed to him. They said he had stopped breathing. We got nervous. My sister and cousin checked his pulse, heart beat, eye motion. It were something that they had never examined before.

Everyone knelt and started to pray, together with tears on their faces. I did not cry, though deep inside my heart was bleeding. I did not follow to pray either since i quited that prayers since when i was young. Until my aunt came over and checked, certified his demise. Actual time of his death was the time when my sister examining him... 1812.

The prayers were held for 5 days. Within 3 of the 5, we knelt and pray for more than 6 hours in total. The prayer was one of the wills by him. At least he wanted us to do something for him so that he could find a better way in his new journey. My knees are hurt, palms too because we needed to pull the van which carried the coffin.

The funeral was tiring. 5 days of working for the ceremony now i fell that i have i little bit of fever... Totally exhauseted and overloaded. Works with the total of 157 of flower wreaths were really killing. Those were from relatives, colleagues, friends, companies, politicians, associations, institutes.. etc. There was the first time i saw wreaths which worth around RM60k - Rm80k overall...

We had already got readied for the worst condition since last year, when he was discovered to be suffered from cancer. At least we did our best to let him to spent his remaining life significantly.

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