75# Keys, Strings, Beats.. and Food

75# Keys, Strings, Beats.. and Food

Went to Shah Alam for Yi Feng's music concert. Man, The SUK building was just so easy to find. Huge, and the pattern is in the 50cents coins. ( i think so )

Surprisingly i saw Heng Lin there. Undoubtedly, he was interested in the concert since this guy is a pro in piano and violin. Susan was there, reached there early so she managed to get the front seat which was near to the grand piano. Me and my sister, who fetched me there went in late, so we sat quite far away, but still no problem to enjoy the performances. Jin came late, got caught in traffic jam... Luckily there was a seat still available beside me, so we could sit together and had our evil talks to each other.

Actually the performances were not as what i imagined. Overall it were not that bad. Just felt a bit disappointed that Yi Feng was not solo-ing. He was playing the low for 6 hands performance. 3 guys sat together in front of the grand piano looked a bit cram somehow...

Among all the performances, for me the best part was the performance from a 5 years old girl. She was just so short and small... Just higher than the keyboard that she was going to play, about 6 inches. She even got frightened and ran away because of the smoke. (carbon dioxide gas)

When i was still 5, guess i was still digging my nose around. But that girl could play until grade 2 for her piano, which considered excellent for a young girl like her. When she was playing, her legs could not reach the ground. So she just swing her legs, very relaxed. Funny...

The concert ended around 1930, and we went to Klang for dinner. I got the wrong place for dinner, got mixed up with some other food courts. In the end i was still managed to get to the place that Yi Feng said. A food court called Kampong... something like that.

Not bad, looked like Asia Cafe near Taylors college. We ordered lots of foods... and ice as desserts. Chit chat... Until around 2200, when Jin's parents called. We need to leave as Jin needed an hour to reach to Kajang.

Jin gave us free durians, star fruits and guavas! This guy's dad owns an orchard so he got lots of fruits he can't finish. Too little to sell, too much to eat alone. So we just helped him to finish up the fruits... His Pajero was scented with durian smell man... Thanks a lot Jin for the fruits...

Too bad that still lots of our college gang were not joining us. Especially Sexy Teng, he should had be there and enjoy the foods... Guess there's still lots of foods in Klang he has not try yet... Everyone from PM8 or in Taylors college, feel free to come to Klang... we can go EAT...

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