73# Luciferous, Lucifugous

73# Luciferous, Lucifugous

I dunno how many times i've failed. Again and again i got disappointed by someone... Once i got hope, but all hope in eclipse in the end... Sigh

Finally i found someone to watch War of the world with me today. Again, undoubtedly with my buddy William again. Once he finished watching Initial D with his classmates, immediately he joined me for his second movie of the day.

What my sister told me about the movie were spoilers. So basically i understand what was goin to happen. It was just a new old movie. Old style, like aliens attacking human. But new vision experience, using all the CGs and stuffs like tat.

I couldnt believe tat Tom Kurus is actually already 40 plus. In the movie, his son Robbie is even taller than him, haha. Actually sure everyone found flaws in the movie. Like... Robbie should had died during the impact rite. But in the end he managed to get to Boston, his mum there. And the ending really sucks la... Wat kind of reason is tat... Aliens cant adapt to the earth's atmosphere and gas? Huh...?? Erm... what ever la...

The very first video cd i've done was using William's com. And i gave him the copies also. Cant believe tat Slipknot kills so many ppl. Lots of his frens are borrowing the video cd to see Joey Jordison's drum solo. And in the same cd got those ultra violent, erotic gothic music videos. Most amazing part was the philippine auntie, the owner of the mamak shop in front of their school also likes the videos in that CD. She just played the cd in the mamak! Some more she prefer the video titled " Satanic Mantra" and "From the cradle to enslave", which are highly violent and erotic. Omg.. auntie also likes our music. Dunno her customers in the mamak can continue eating or not when watching it...

Now i'm downloading music videos again. Ai Otsuka's. Recently i'm so crazy bout Her, dunno why. Using dial up connection, average 44.0kbs to download videos which are average 36Mb. Man, this's goin take me like days to complete one single video... I think i need streamyx. Since no more college, i'll online very often and download stuffs. So i need broadband, seriously...

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