74# Qi Si, In Mandarin means, Go to Hell

74# Seven Four, Qi Si, In Mandarin means, Go to Hell

I wasn't a good driver today.
Because I spent my time watching the making of War of the Worlds, Initial D at channel 30, therefore i didn't have time for my guitar practice.
Because I spent my time after that to practice, therefore i didn't have time for lunch.
Because I didn't take my lunch before the guitar class, therefore I was damn hungry.
Because I needed to rush to my friend's place for lunch, therefore I needed to drive fast.

Since I was rushing, there were lots of things pissed me off. When I came out from the mall where I went for class, there were so damn jam... So many cars packing in a road. Once i moved forward, I knew why. Because there was an old lady parked her car beside the road and waiting for someone in her vehicle. Oh man... The road was already narrow enough, plus a static car therefore cars were not able to move smoothly. Once i was beside the car, i stopped for seconds. Stared at her, she was looking around. Obviously looking for the person she waited. I just horned at her loudly, then accelerate and drove away...

When I reached at a turn, cars were not moving again. A Honda Civic was trying to cut the queue. I didnt allow him to cut the line, so i moved fast without leaving any gap between my car and the car in front of me. I knew the Civic guy was staring at me. I just pretended like nothing happened and chilled. Hey, I was rushing man, no cutting.

Once i got out from the turn. Cars were not moving fast too. I forced to over take a car, which parked on the road just like that. The people and the driver just left the car and went off. Damn! what the Hell could they just parked the car there on the road and just left? Though the road is sufficient for 2 cars to pass, but they parked there were already occupying one of the space. Again, i stopped. Horned at the fellas around 5 seconds then accelerate. To show my unsatisfactory to those fellas that thought their grand father made that damn road.

Hungry, i needed to get there as soon as possible. From far away i could see, it was green light. Cars were started to move, so i did not slow down and accelerate instead. Who the Hell knows, the lorry was not moving fast and the car behind it was still slow. I braked immediately, almost crashed that car. I could hear the sound from the tyres... Like what could I heard in Initial D. Man, it was so damn close to bang onto the car...

Finally reached at William's place, went mamak for lunch. He needs some scary instrumental songs for his programme in school, which is about to frighten people one i think. Of cause he got a correct person, I'm a pro in scary songs. Because I listen to Gothic Metal, each of the album the Intro and Interlude are scary enough to let people to piss in his pants when he is listening in the dark. I tried listened to it during blackout, alone at home, using the laptop. I was damn scared too... turned it off immediate because i really could take it...

At night, my went out with my parents. There was a Benz which stopped out of a sudden, at the road that supposed to move with the speed 60kmph. My dad was damn angry and horned at the fella too. Haha... the same thing i did for the whole day today...

A lots of pariahs at my area drive motorcycles at night without any helmets, and drive like nobody's business. As same as during daylight. My dad said, just because of these kind of pariahs on the road, there were so many deaths. I commented, if those pariahs die also won't affect our country. He replied, even the death of those arse hole also won't affect Taman Sentosa, because too much of people died like this around here.

These pariahs who never appreciate their life and always drive their half-assed motorcycles dangerously may endanger the other innocent people. Since they are not contributing any single piece of shit to the society, why don't they just burn in Hell straight away before they cause any harm to people by their motorcycles? Satan, pull them to Hell to enslave those pariahs, please.

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