78# Just so you know

78# Just so you know

Recently I can't make to some invitations... Ken called me to Fantastic 4, together with our PM8 gang. Then straight ahead for dinner after the movie. Stay over at his place is welcomed if it is late. I would like too but... my got no permission to hang out now. Since got lots of things to do now, further more Damansara is kind of far. I can't make it...

Nicole sms-ed me this evening. She needs someone to fetch her to somewhere, to buy something for Rachael. Initially I thought that i could make it, since I only busy at night. In the end I can't make it either since i need to go to my grandmother's place. There're still a lot of gold notes for my grandfather need to be folded... Again, i can't go out again...

After that, Roy called me. Tomorrow is his late father's death anniversary. Inviting me to his aunt's place to have a dinner. And... This invitation looks more important than the others, I need to go. Since no prayers at tomorrow night, i got to take a break from folding those gold notes and go for the dinner. This is the 78th entry. 78 in mandarin pronounce as "Qi Ba". Sounds like "Go ahead". Well, I should go for it.

Actually within these 100 days, according to the taboos made from the older generation. I can't visit anyone's house. And Roy is not a chinese so I think he got no problem. Other than that, to mourn or express condolence over my grandfather's death, we can only wear certain colours of dressings... Lots of colour are prohibited, so far I know there's only black, white, grey, blue, green are allowed. I'm not going to question these taboos or what, just that these taboos are too abstract and may vary from person to person.

Example, some people will say a shirt is brown, but some say brown is considered as yellow, thus it is prohibited from wearing. I really got no idea what shirt can i wear within these 100 days other than my plain white and plain grey t shirt. My black shirts have some red and yellow in it, therefore, out.

I would need to follow the taboos and rules made by the older generation, but i feel it is not always necessary, though. Somehow, at least I must show a little bit of respect by following what exactly they want us to do. Anyway this custom might not last, i think.

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