83# Got the life

83# Got the Life

I'm saying goodbye to the life that:

  • Rotting at home.
  • Lepak at malls and spend money.
  • Arcade games.
  • Clear watching all the movies.

Next week onwards i will need to go to my uncle's EON services to work. More accurately, is to learn things over there.

" A man must know how to fix a car, if he doesn't, he is not a man"

From the great Mr. Lau, my dad. He wants me to know fixing a car if my car is spoilt or something. Somehow me myself willing to go because i understand that as a guy i must know those things about cars.

Since next monday, tomorrow i got guitar class replacement, so i will only start it on next tuesday. So monday is my last day of freedom. Before the guitar class, i'm sure gonna arcade kao kao...

Normal office hour supposed to be 9-5, but the plant there is 9-6... Actually my dad called me to set off from home after 9, but i think better to be punctual. Low profile a bit... I'm a fast learner, i hope so...

"Hello people, I am Ah Ming. I do not know anything about cars so hope y'all can teach and guide me about it. Don't need to give face to anyone, just call me to do anything. Thank you."

Are those what i supposed to say to those technicians and mechanicians? Oh man... I got no idea until when i need to spend my time there... Once i am able to understand what i am supposed to, then i'll leave. I need to find a part time job that can learn and earn. I got no pay at the EON service plant since it's my uncle's one... I want $...

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