79# I rot, alone, insane

79# I rot, alone, insane

Last Sunday Hui Shuen called me. She's leaving at August to University of Sydney. Studying Medical Science. And yesterday i found out that Brandon is already studying Mechanical Engineering in Monash University now... Man, seems like everyone is studying or knows what to study. I'm the only one who is waiting for CAL results to determine what and where to study...

Right now, again, I'm home alone. Days ago always busy for the funeral, now i got nothing to do at home. Actually got, the homework and practice for my guitar class tomorrow. Recently I'm kind of fed up to music theory as i do not really like it.

Still in mourning period, i can't go out to hang out with college friends. I could only hang out with my friends here since I don't have to travel far and my dad does allow me. I don't think it is good to hang out at outside, i mean KL, PL, SJ, DU there within the mourning period.

Yesterday my sleep was fulled with dreams. I can say that it were nightmares for me. To know that the fact that I can't get someone that fated not for me to be with, it is kind of tragic. Somehow other than what people told me, I do have my own intuition. I know that I'm going after something that I shall not even consider about. But I can't seem to control myself, that's the feeling.

Bathory Aria :
Benighted like usher

If only I could have wept
in mourning by Her side...
I would have elasped Her so tight
like storm-beached Aphrodite
Drowned on Kytheraen tides.

And kissed Her
For fro Her alone
my lips would have known
Enigmas of shadowy vistas...

Where pleasures took flesh
And pain removeless
Came freezing in breath
Of raucous life hushed unto whispers...

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