198# Doppelganger

198# Doppelganger

Meaning: One of the six fighting styles of the character Dante appeared in an action PS2 game titled "Devil May Cry 3", highly recommended by Yokie. This style anable the character to create a shadow of the character and carry out more combo and have more variation and tactics in fights.

Now not only in the game, i can use "Doppelganger" mode too!

Couple of weeks ago, i met a ex-taylor friend at one of the steamboat shop in Klang. I didn't know his name though we've knew each other for more than 2 years...

Kind of weird ain't? So after i finished eating, i approached him and get his contact and name. He didn't know my name as well... And one of the women at his table, probably his mum or aunt, said that i looked familiar.

"Aiya auntie, my face like this is everywhere in the street la!"

Actually, what i said was right. Damn right.

I was once well-known in Taylors to have an evil twin named Wei-Jin. We have overall 75%, or probably more, of physical similarities. About mental similarities, maybe 50%...

From the outside, we are sharing almost the same height. I'm just one inch taller than him. We are speckies.

More than a few of them, who got to know us at the same time in Taylors, failed to identify each of us. Let's make the scenario clear.

Me: "Hello, I'm Mike."

Jin: "Hi, this is Wei-Jin."

Someone: "Eh... Are you guys twins?"

We were kind of used to these kinds of feedbacks. Somehow we could not escape from the embarrassment, sure laugh like crazy each time. And try to claim the truth.

Someone: "Hey Wei-Jin...! Eh no, Mike!"

Sometwo: "Mike! You were at upstairs right? Why so fast u got here?"

Somethree: "Ooi! You were wearing something else right? Why suddenly in black?"

Somefour: "Eh? I thought you alreasdy went out with them?"

I'm a considerate person... I think Jin is too. We would not mind if people mistaken us. That was why college life was so happening! Laughters everyday!

Me: "Hey Carmen ah... Just remember la, Mike has fingernails polished black one."

Carmen: "So before i could say Hi or anything, i'll need to look into fingernails first in order to recognise?"

Me: "Eh... Do as you wish..."

I had my fingernails black for a moment of time during year 2004. I used to like it a lot but i forced to remove it because i am staying a god damned place named Klang which i might cause problems if i was too outstanding.

Me: "Alright, just remember. Mike is the skinny version. And Jin is the muscular version ok? Easy?"

I am definitely thinner than anyone else with my BMI of 17.2. Too easy to be spotted by my height. And too easy to be left out if there're any pillars around me.

Me: "Jin is the handsome and cunning one, and Mike is the other way round... Clear?"

Someone: "Eh... not that clear..."

Anyway... I think actually none of them out there realise one thing. One very important thing... Other than Jin, actually there's still one person who has almost the same face as me.

It's Adrien aka Yang Berhormat Tan Sri Dato Dr. Lai Voon Wei MBBS PhD JP!

I've seen quite a few of his camwhoring photos, and some other photos that we've taken. And i realised that we actually looked quite the alike.

No shit, if i don't smile, we look a like. Especially the single eyelid eyes. This is the extra ordinary one.

There are already two. Now... Surprisingly, once i stepped into the gates of IMU... Guess what? Another one!

This third guy is actually someone who i knew from Taylors. And i do think that we look alike.

Guess who? Now i present you... The third Mike-look-alike... 0401 Cambridge Advance Level, Pre-medicine 3... Dr. Timothy!

Surprised? We share almost the same height, same size, and speckies too. If I was wearing framed glasses like him then we would look even more alike!

In fact, Li Shan was the first person who mistaken me as him. When i went to IMU for interview, she was already there taking the first semester. And she said she saw "me" during the orientation.

"That wasn't me! Timothy la!"

Timothy is currently in semester two of medicine course. My senior already... Imagine if we were in the same batch... Chaos. No photo available for comparison for the moment. I can't publish his face without his knowledge. Just imagine my face, then you'll get his.

Darren: "Mike, Initial D time!"

Me:"Ok ok. Let's rock."

Darren: "Hey, my car pool member, Sue Ann from Sem 2."

Me: "Hello Sue ann."

Ann: "Hey... you look like someone in my batch..."

Me: "I know Timothy right?"

Ann: "Ah... yes

Now my face has been spotted by the seniors from Sem 2. I got another twin again in IMU!

Darren: "Alright, they're here. I gonna go now Mike."

Me: "Ok, see you man."

Ann: "See! Look like Timothy right!"

Lily: "Oh! Really la!"

I think there are quite a lot of people who shares the same thought. I am officially recognised as another Timothy.

Me: "Timothy has a sexier voice la..."

Ann: "No, your voice sounds like his too."

Me: "Where got, his is sexier..."

Among all the circumstances, anyway, even though i looked like them, but there're always some differences. Examples;

1. My IQ is lower than them.
2. My EQ is lower than them.
3. My academic result isn't as high as them.
4. My English isn't as good as them.
5. My size isn't as strong as them.
6. My height is slightly taller - I win!

Alright, just ignore the last one. I ain't proud at it...

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