206# Prate

206# Prate

Each time i read at the comic magazine, which i started to read since i was 12, i'll get pissed off to the advertisements in the magazine.

I mean, feel very tulan to look at those non-sense commercials. More than 50% of the color pages are used for advertisements. Most of them are cell phone shit downloads, or cell phone friend commercial.

Among all those advertisements which only able to trick those who are naive, the one which makes me tulan until the maximum is the so-called "F*nG*ng" cell phone type of "prankster".

Heck, look at it, it has nothing much difference from the friendster, but using cell phones. The advertisement's design sucks until the maximum (square) too! Photoshop skill worse than a 14 year old kid.

About the service, to join the network, a user needs to key in their details about their appearance, birth date, preferences, marriage status, purpose... and stuffs.

Purpose = Reason of joining... There are reasons such as looking for "Chit chat friends", "Future marriage"... Among those, the best is "To spend a good night".

Ass la. What kind of reason is that. It's just one of those stupid method for those paedophile, sex-maniacs to hunt naive teenage girls.

The whole thing is basically a service to let users to seek for friends according to their preferences. And just chat to each other buy using cell phones. And they are allowed to choose how many sms-es they would like to receive in each day, from 1 to 999.

Why is that so? Because the operator will spam the users with messages, and they will need to pay for that. For each received message will be charged for RM0.50.

When they chat, for each message they send will be charged for RM1.00. Imagine a half-assed user is using such service to hunt for girls, and he sends 20 messages per day, receives 20 messages as well a day.

That is RM30.00 per day. And if this ass hole works part time as a waiter, guess he will earn RM4 per hour. So means he needs to work for 7.5 hours so that he could have the money to use the service to hunt for so called "Leng lui" in the abstract mobile network.

Lots of them using the serivce is to look for leng lui-s. I doubt the fact that is there any lenglui using the service. Come on, just a common sense. If the girl is beautiful enough, would she join such a service to know more guys? Guys would go after her just like that.

Therefore the conclusion to be drawn - There are no lenglui in the network.

So save it - you motherfuckers who dream of flirting beautiful girls from the network. Can you all see any walls near by? Go bang your heads onto the wall ahead. Don't waste your mother's money for that kind of shit please.

Is it worth to pay in order to know more friends? To have true friends, we don't have to pay a single penny. But this is not about friends anymore because is nothing much than "cell phone friend", who live in the phone screen, and will never exist in real life. Thus, does it make sense to pay for such a non-sense?

The funniest part is that the service provider creates 6 "Role Playing Games" for the users,

1. Queen of the men.
2. Cohabitation
3. Gay
4. Lesbian
5. King of the women
6. Sex experts

Ladies and gentlemen, please forgive my language and allow me to say...

Go fuck yourselves you motherfuckers!

They can really make cash with those shits!

Rules of each of the games respectively;

1. For girls who like to have guys to kiss ass, and for guys who like to kiss girls' asses.

2. For guys and girls who want to have a cohabit "Boy friend" or "Girl Friend", to feel love.

3. For gays la.

4. For lesbians la.

5. For female-servant-thirsty guys and for girls who want to serve a guy.

6. For those sex experts wannabes to ask and answer questions regarding sex

Those people who join these really need to get a life... Having a fake "cohabit bf/gf" in a cell phone? Sex expert? Got study until PhD level or not? Expert...

If you are reading this, and if you have joined the service, i hope you will quit playing these money-paying non senses and get your life back to work or study. Please, i'm serious. We don't need to pay for cyber friends.

And i'm warning you all. We would not know the character of those people behind the phone screen. You can't deny the fact that there are people who will abuse the service to do illegal and immoral acts.

Just something extra to tell...

For you all who don't know, there's a women got her daughter kidnapped by her sms friend in Johor. Already married, has daughter, still want to look for more male friends through the mobile network? Who suffers in the end?

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