204# 15% Chance, 3.0 times damage

204# 15% Chance, 3.0 times damage

Note: The above title has nothing to do with the game called DoTA.

I did not went for the briefing about the exam during the orientation week. So i did not know the first summative assessment on Monday does actually contribute 15% for my first semester's final.

Once i knew that, i began to get nervous. My 15% is gone. I did not do well during the exam.

The first problem is that i did not have much time to study. There were so many things to cover, which are unrelated to each and another. Secondly i sacrified my time to study biochem for anatomy and physiology. In the end, biochem questions occupied more than 25% of the whole paper.

Thirdly, my mind was suffering from mental constipation. Things just never come out from my mind during the exam. Although thoughts coming slowly and steadily as i warmed my mind up, but there were still a lot of questions which i failed to answer.

Fourthy, and the most fatal mistake - careless. I am always being careless for exams. I hate but i need to admit that i did a lot of careless, non sense mistakes during exams through out my whole life.

Eg: Example for Synovial joint. Ok, Ball-and-socket. Example? Shoulder and hip joints. To be more precise hip ones is between femur and pelvis. Eh... not too sure, put knee only la.

Fuck you...! Knee is one way joint motherfucker! Hinge la! Damn! Whacked back to reality after the paper was submitted.

Eg2: Blood type A and Rhesus positive person. What antibody(ies) are present?

I picked Anti B Antibody and Rhesus antibody... Pig la! Rhesus but Rhesus antigen ok! Not antibody! Another 2 marks gone.

And the point deductions go on... After the feedback of the exam, i estimated that i can't get more than 60%. Passing mark is 65% or 67.5%, not sure. But one thing to be sure of is that... It's going to be hard for me to pass...

Damned disappointed to myself now. Since it's contributing 15% for the final, considering i got 50% for the exam, means my 7.5% is gone for the final...

A wake up call... A very important wake up call seriously. Just going to do better in the second summative so back my final up. And then must score in final. I hope la... No, i must do well! Argh.

I was very surprised to know that my friend couldn't continue his second semester because he did not do well in the exams. He was one of the smartest person in PM8, and i didn't expect such a thing would happen on him. It's not about questioning why he didn't do well, just hope that he can find his way back on track.

He couldn't manage to pass the re-sit paper. But he was given a final chance, which was the toughest one. And eventually he did it. Heard that he is joining my intake most probably, that is nice to know that.

Study Mike, study...

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