202# Variable definitions

202# Variable definitions

I've watched some non sense programmes at the tv from the Taiwan. And they hired bunch of so-called "pretty girls" to show up in the show. The only way they could think of to attract the people to watch.

And these girls revealed the numbers of relationship they had before. Usually for a person of 20, how many relationships can he or she had? Range from 1 to 5 should be acceptable. But there was one girl, 20 if i'm not mistaken. Who had more than 30 times of relationships.


The definition of starting a relationship, to be a boy friend or a girl friend to the other side is vary. Some will have their so-called "first love" when they were in the primary school. Huh? What?

Some definitions of being attached really laugh me off. I almost puked as a result of excessive, violent laugh.

Some think that sms-ing each other can treat as a bf/gf. Even though they have not meet each other before at all! That happened when i was in Form 3 - My friend showed off how attractive he was by having a "gf" in the cell phone.

Some will get someone's cell phone number, flirt, and the relationship starts. They just fall in love in the cell phone network - that's all. I mean that's all! Talk over the phone only and that's love for them.

Some think that holding hands, walking around in the school, or outside. Hugging, rubbing each other... and that's their other half. Oh ya. Very good!

Some of them just like to show off their great figures of past relationship they had before. Putting the status as "It's complicated" in friendster is so cool for them. I mean, come on. Single means single. Attached means attached. You motherfuckers putting your status as "It's complicated" ain't cool at all.

I have this friend, who has quite a lot of girl friends before. One day he showed me the sms he received from, and sent to a particular girl. The contents were something like this;

G - How many gf you had before wo...?
B - I had 8 la. But if include you means 9 lo...

For your information, they have not meet each other at all. And the guy knows that the girl is fugly and fat.

B - If you keep fit i only chase you la...

And what worse is that he wants to go after her is for the sake of sex. I mean, having sex with a piece of pork chop is the motive. The worst thing ever is, the girl accepted him and willing to give out everything! But except offering blow job to him...



Alright... Very good.

Each of everyone has his/her own definition of stating their status. For me, a person would call as a bf/gf only after meeting up with both sides of the parents. I will only admit the relationship since that. If just on the way of the process to know each other better - that's just "going out". Am i right?

If 2 people hang out, go to movie, spend time together... If these can define two as bf/gf... Then i could make history too!

Go get a life, people.

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