205# BKT meeting

205# BKT meeting

Things to consider for IMU students to eat bah kut tea in klang. To be more precise, the one near Taman Sentosa.

First - Transport

From Bukit Jalil to Klang, KESAS way, 3 tolls if using the straight-ahead-to-the-end way. 2 tolls if using the traffic-lights-cut-here-and-there way. 1 toll, the ultimate way, i don't know. Darren knows.

From Klang back to Bukit Jalil, it's just the reverse.

Considering using the 2 tolls way, so is 4 tolls from Bukit Jalil to Klang and back to Bukit Jalil.

RM1.50 x 4 = RM6.00

Fuel - Considering RM0.17/km for a 1.8 litre car, 70 km. Therefore it is RM0.17 x 70 = RM 11.90.

Total transport fee - RM6.00 + RM11.90 = RM 17.90

4 persons in a car, so RM17.90/4 = RM 4.48

Second - Food

One person's serving varies from RM8 to RM10. Considering one serving is RM10 for the moment.

If eating with giant monsters, high metabolism rate youngsters, then typically 3 person's serving for 4 persons, and eat 2 big portion of rice which is RM0.80 each;

RM 10.00 x 3 = RM30.00

RM0.80 x 8 = RM6.40

Therefore, Per person - RM36.40 / 4 = RM 9.10.

(Tea pay excluded)

Grand total - RM4.48 + RM9.10 = RM 13.58

Around there la... If eat with people who are more animal then going to pay more for that. Therefore must make sure ourselves are actually eating more than the others do.

9 of us, including me. Travelled all the way from Bukit Jalil to Klang just for the famous food in Klang. I hope it was worthy to them because they travelled for so far.

BKT again, next time, at the different place.

PS: Why people like to eat spare parts huh? Intestine, liver, stomach...

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