203# fffortissimo Pain

203# fffortissimo Pain

Wednesday, after lecture, 10.30pm. I felt so hungry, and the stomach gave some familiar uneasiness. Eat... Feed it.

Fellas all going to DoTA regardless the coming summative assessment on next monday. I couldn't follow. I had to go back to sleep, and study.

The painful feeling started to increase in intensity. Power increased as well since Power = Intensity over area. Ah, crap.

It wasn't that kind of pain which cause people to go for excretion. It was the pain from the stomach - not from the intestine.

As the pain getting more and more intensed, i lost my mood and i headed to the student lounge. Had to sit down on the sofa and hoped that i could feel better after that.

Saw Mei ann and her friends there. Sure they will feel strange that i did not say hi to them. Instead, sitting at the sofa and struggled in pain.

Soon after that, i left the lounge, and headed back home.

While i walked toward my car, i felt that i couldn't straighten my body. The pain caused me to stagger. Got into the car, sped like Hell.

That was the first time i drove with such speed - More than 130km/h. My car wasn't meant to speed. The most dangerous thing is that i might shut down because of the pain.

Survived back home after 25 minutes (Usually 35 minutes or more), and headed to the hospital with my mother.

Went to the private hospital which i went for attachment 7 months ago. Told my condition to the Medical officer on duty.

Dr: Are you a medical student?
Me: Ah... yes.
Dr: (Turned to the nurses) See, my "diagnosis" is correct. (Proudly)

The MO could recognise me because i spent quite a lot of time in the ER department during the attachment. However, he mistaken it as clinical posting. I wasn't a student yet that time.

Gastric or pancreatic problem. If it was the second then some serum blah blah thing will present in my blood. The MO used a lot of medical term and expected me to understand. In fact, i am just a first year student. He didn't get it no matter how many times i told him.

Dr: Don't follow to the text books.

That was the most funny thing he said to me. The first doctor who told me not to believe in text books.

For countless times i had observed how the nurses inject medicines into patients. But i didn't expect i would experience the pain too.

Me: You're not going to prick me with that freaking thick needle don't you?

I was injected with colorless gastric medicine, and blood was taken for blood test. The pain began to cease. 30 minutes later, i felt so alive.

Blood test was normal. The MO thought i wanted to admit, so he did blood test for me. That costed me an extra RM81 for lab fee. If i admited then i could have insurance claim, but i paid RM156 in total for the 40 minutes i spent over there.

Dr: You're the first patient i have who gave me complete history before i asked.

Asking what was the cause of the gastric pain, an unwanted answer was given my the MO - Stress.

Come on man! I wasn't feeling stress that time. Although i'm having test on next monday, but i didn't feel anything!

When he flipped through the papers and bill, he cut off a section of box - Cancelling off the consultation fee.

He said i already "diagnosed" myself...

What the Hell wei... I did not. But thanks for saving my RM30.

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