199# The Unquestionable Truth Part 3

199# The Unquestionable Truth Part 3

It's a well known fact where our country is very different if compared to the others out there. Our country tends to have more restrictions which limit the acts of the people.

I did not score well for history papers during high school. I hated it until into the bone marrow because what I forced to study was plain crap, which 90% was bias and over exaggerated. But I do remember one thing now, although it’s not that clear. I remember that someone in the Europe did mention that,

"A country which has fewer restrictions makes a better country."

I'm not too sure how shall I put it, but it's something like that.

If we apply this analogy to our country, this leads to one, and only one conclusion – Our country is not a very good country.

There are actually more things that we can't do compared to things that we can do. We are not allowed to do this and that in the public. And the restrictions even interfere with one's privacy.

2 years ago, there was this couple got arrested by some so-called who-knows-what organisation by the crime of "getting too close". This couple with their burning conviction denied the unfair condemnation. It was once a controversy and now the issue is back again.

Kissing, hugging, holding hands are the expressions of love. And ridiculously, these acts are considered as "sexuality" acts by those parties or organisation.

Those acts mentioned above happen everywhere all over the country, in all the countries. During anytime, at anywhere, by anyone. Expect those so-called countries which "faith" is beyond everything.

Most of the people will compare our country with the western countries. Well, we can't deny the fact that our country is not as opened as the westerns. But it doesn't mean that our conservative country can't do things that we can do in the western countries.

If kissing in front of the public will be convicted, so all the married couples will be put behind the bars then. During the marry ceremonies, "traditionally" the couple will be asked to kiss in front of their friends and family. Behind the kiss is hidden with untold words, which one kiss assembles all the pledge that the couple will bring on to forever.

Therefore, kisses are mainly reflecting the same significance. Of cause, if it's done in the public excessively, it's still too much to be accepted.

They act like they are the saints and always blessed. But Hell...

Who are those who hug and rub each other on the street?
Who are those who always occupy the dark corners in the theatres, and left semen fluids behind?
Who are those who left used condom in the long journey busses?
Who are those who offer sex transactions by advertising through graffiti at walls and doors? Who are those who sexually assault their daughters, granddaughters, cousins, friends, step children?

If oral sex is said to be banned by their rules, why are there still flavoured condoms everywhere and purchased by those "saints"?

Contradict isn't? They actually do things which set themselves up. If they think what they are doing is right, then it is right. None are qualified, or authorised to question them.

Welcome to the democracy.

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