201# The Unquestionable Truth Part 4

201# The Unquestionable Truth Part 4

Alright, straight to the god damned point. What are the definitions of "disordered behaviour" and "indecent behaviour"?

If someone walks on the street, digging his nose and stuff the wax obtained into his mouth, is that called as "indecent"?

Why must they set the rule where only genetically related individuals, married couples are allowed to hold hands and hug in the public? How about the rest?

Is normal to have married couple hold hands, and shop in a mall, walk around or something. But how are the authorities being able to tell whether a couple is married or not? Is it a necessity to bring out the marriage certificate wherever they go, just in case that the authorities want to sue them for holding hands in the public?
To send them to court.

"Nah, this is our certificate of marriage, we are married so you can’t change us for holding hands as 'disordered behaviour' in the public."

What if the two of them are brother and sisters?

"Nah, these are our freaking IC. Check at our Surnames. It's the same. Look at our handsome and pretty faces, we are siblings."

What if guy hold guy's hand? Brokeback Mau Turn can?

What if a girl kisses another girl?

A girl holds another girl's hand?

There are still some privileges for some people.
They can hug in public.

International Security Act? Alright, I ain't going to mention any names here. There was someone in the parliament said that holding hands and hugging are not acceptable in the eastern countries. Okay...

That was such an irresponsible statement. He was trying to include all the countries at the Eastern side, where all of the countries practice the same rule. I don't think that countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong banned their people from holding hands. In fact, there are only some particular countries at the Middle East are enforcing this rule.

Therefore, are we going to be ruled like how they do in the Middle East without considering the fact that there are still more than 4 different kinds of people from different backgrounds, who practices different cultures?

This is what they are planning to do. Standardize each of every single little thing in the country. Modify those which are considered different so that everything is identical inside-out.

We can't say anything about it.

Just zip our mouth and endure everything.

Don't question.

This guy forgot to zip up!

Once again, welcome to the Democracy.

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