200# Redecarboxylation

200# Redecarboxylation

So this is it. The 200th of word post. Total of 213 posts in this site. It's been 17 months (and counting) since December of 2004 which i was dragged into the blogsphere.

I would like to thank the one who taught me on how to blog,
Miss Shiew Guan from... Metropolitian college, currently, i think. Thanks for all the assists and html codes you taught me. Although i've not seen you before... Without you this page would not be existed.

Thank myself for getting over all of these shits, which later on shitten everything out at this site. Which i called this page as the "verbal diarrhoea", literally a place for me to talk shit.

I would not like to thank the government and the idiots around me, which contribute all the hatred to me to write this much. I hope the those who run the country like Hell will be burn in Hell as soon as possible. And i hope those idiots around me will suffer as much as possible before they were sent Hell for further torments.

I would like to thank you all out there for being so free and jobless to read my page. If you feel like nothing to do and read my words, i suggest there's a better blog to read. But unfortunately, this blog's author is currently focusing on his final exam, and he will be back soon. I miss the
wire of life, mate.

As i write more and more, i realise that i'm writing topics which concern about all of the negative things around my place and our country. Just because the unsatisfactories towrads the unfairness are not allowed to be told in real life, therefore the only way that i could release is to write those out over here.

I will try to write those sensitive stuffs as implicit as i could. Because i bet you wouldn't want to see me behind the bars.

I know the domain of my page is kind of weird, or very weird. But i like the word "Decarboxylation" a lot, and also the word "Depressant". These two words have been used since i was 17 until now. The reason i use those is because the initial of the words are "D". And i appreciate "D" due to some reasons, which i don't admit it anymore now. For your information, it has nothing to do with the comic "Initial D" or what so ever.

Each time when people asked me about my email, once i told them "Depressant at hotmail dot com", they'll give me some weird feedbacks. Thanks to my friend Darren, who never failed to laughed at me each time i told people my email address.

"See! This guy damn no life right? Haha..."

Initially i wanted to use the word "Depressant" as the domain for this page, but sadly it was taken. I think i'm going to check who is using "Depressant dot blogspot dot com"... That was what i wanted. "Decarboxylation" sounds too long compared to "Depressant"...

Ps: Congrats to Dan Brown for winning the lawsuit. My Da Vinci Code is left a side and covered with thick dust. I'll try my best to finish it before the movie is showing. Anyone want to go with me to witness how cool the movie will be?

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