197# Frustration

197# Frustration


1. To have tonnes of stuffs to study for the nervous system. Unable to spot which part to study for the foundation level, and which part is only for intergrated system level.

2. Unable to digest, absorb and process all the stuffs studied. Information obtained are in short term memory. Things are forgotten after the next day waking up from the warm bed.

3. To have only less than 5 hours of sleep each day. 12.30am until 5.20am.

4. To have heavy eyelids and low mental metabolism rate which tempting people to fall asleep when driving in the highway with the speed of 100km/h.

5. Unable to concentrate during lectures and sleep almost half of the lecture sometimes, sleepless due to disturbance of messages the night before.

6. To have someone asking for assistant for assignments, which are out of field, and during the person is suffering from sleepless, low blood sugar level and tonnes of unstudied lectures.

7. To have only one or two hours of lecture(s) each weekday. And each hour of lecture is actually taught in pre-U level which used one week, or more to finish. Lectures are in higher level compared to pre-U, and it's much more intensified and densed. Which each hour of lecture requires more than 3 hours of self-disgestions.

8. Forgot to put handphone in silent mode in more than 2 times, got waken up by messages during the way of trying to sleep at midnight. Blood pressure increased due to the contents of the messages which have no relavant to medical studies.

9. To have loud speakers at 100m away from home which operates 5 times a day, 30 minutes a time. Which is disturbing especially early 5.30am when people wake up, and evening when people taking nap, or when people is trying to concentrate to study.

10. To have the thought of playing Devil May Cry 3 at the console during 11.30pm before sleep. But realised that the eyes are unable to stare, the hands are unable to move, and the brain is unable to think. Ended up trying to sleep but #8 occurs.

11. And the damn list goes on.

Disclaimer: The above definitions are not pointing to anyone nor any party, directly nor indirectly. People who think they are offended are most probably, think-too-much.

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