188# Time to Begin

188# Time to Begin

Lectures have finally begun yesterday. 8am to 10.15am daily. Makes me need to wake up at 5.30am everyday so that i could set off earlier to avoid the traffic.

Yesterday was the first lecture, and the doctor was from India. So no one could understand what he said because of the slang. And his voice was too soft even though a girl called him to speak louder.

I slept during the second lecture...

Today's lecture was better. The doctor's voice was loud and clear. Anyway, I slept again during the lecture la... 3 hours of sleep at night was really killing me.

We had another facilitor for the second PBL section. An anaesthetist, a very old senior of IMU who was in the 1993 intake. He's kind of cool person because he even used the word "shit" during his talk.

I stopped studying since the end of A level exam, which ended on June of 2005. So there were more than 8 months i did not go across those study materials. 8 months of mental hibernation slows my mind acceleration.

For each of every hour of lecture, we will need 1 to 3 hours self revision in order to digest everything taught. The passive learning in the lecture hall is totally nothing. The only way to pick up those is to study by ourselves.

Shafiq was right, lectures can be skipped.

But someone counted where an hour of lecture costs around RM200 to RM300. Bloody Hell. That's the reason why i will not skip lectures. I paid for those.

I skipped all the orientation programmes which held last week. I'm not too chicken for it ok, Mei wen.

Finally i got a parking area at the Vista apartment. Parking fee in IMU is RM4.50 daily or RM70 monthly. Basically people who stay in the apartment, who do not have a car will rent out their parking to the others. Usually they will let it for RM60, or any price lesser than RM70.

But now i got the parking sticker from my friend for free. I asked him how much i needed to pay him per month, he called me not to put in mind. Loaded. Staying alone in a unit. Thanks dude. Kiryu you're the man.

I was complaining for the pass few months that i was too free for nothing. Now eventually i put myself back to studies again so i will not have the time to complain that i'm too free. Now i wish i had 48 hours per day. I wish the lectures were 11am to 1pm. I wish i did not need to stay back for labs until 5.30pm.

Time to begin my 5 years course in the university. There's no time to think too much.

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