186# Cl2 and NH4

186# Cl2 and NH4

Days ago, i can't remember which day was it. But i'm pretty sure that i woke up as late as usual. Not sure that whether i skipped school, or it was a weekend...

I went to clean my face up. I smelt something.


The smell was definitely a shit smell. I had not shitted yet that time! So why was there a shit smell?

I thought i accidentally touched shit somewhere and it goes into my nose. But i did not touch anything! No shit in the bathroom! Impossible!

I washed my nose with the running water. And the damned smell was still remained in my nose. Each time i inhaled, the smell went through my lungs again and again.

"No shit... Something was wrong with the water!"

More than 101% i could tell that, something was wrong with the water. The smell was from the water.

I suspected that there was a dead corpse of any animal in the water tank up there.

My house is a 2 in 1, and i bath at the other side. The disgusting smell still coming out when i bath at a different bath room! No way man, two different water reservoir tanks, there was no way to have 2 dead cats in the tank at the same time!

I told my mother and my youngest sister. They did not feel anything. I was damn sure that the water had something wrong.

And last night, 28th of February. I read the newspaper when i was having dinner and watching Astro Wah Lao Toi at the same time (Multi tasking).

The paper showed the news about the shit smell from the water! And it happened not only in my area, but the damn whole Klang Valley!

"For those who stay around the Klang valley, Princess Kim, She Fong, Audrey, Vivien, Susan... You guys got smelt the smell from the water or not?? Sensitive skins will also be damaged! Dangerous!"

The pictures shown in the newspaper were really freaking me out. Free Iced Milo from the water tap. Free Iced Nestlo if you wash your main water filter with water.

What was wrong with the water supplier company named PUAS? I'm definitely TAK DA PUAS sama PUAS already. Damn it. We paid them so much of cash and they returned us with shit water directed from the Klang River.

As i read further about the news, it said that excess amount of Ammonia had been detected from the water.

Yes, Ammonia. A molecule which constituent by a Nitrogen atom and 4 atoms of Hydrogen. The smell that can be detected at Taylors College's toilets.

This gas is released when faeces, urea are being reduced (?) by air. And we used to smelt it a lot during Chemistry's practicals.

"Pungent gas is detected. Ammonia is present..." And something like that.

But right now the thing is that we are using water which contain excessive amount of ammonia to brush teeth, bath and wash hands! Pui pui pui! Spit it out!

In order to get rid of the ammonia in the water, the water company added in more chlorine. Chlorine is the kind of solution like "Burung Pipit" brand which our mum used as bleach to bleach the clothes. Not the anime BLEACH though.

Now this high amount of Chlorine being added into the water. It maybe dangerous if both of the compound mentioned above appeared high in the water which used for consumption. But the gahmen said the level of those two compound present in water is still low, though. I doubt it.

Just now when i bath, luckily the smell was not that great anymore compared to last night. But the damn smell was still there, just lighter.

Look, the water supplier's service is getting worse and worse. No wonder those water filter companies like "Die-men", "Baiyo-Pio", "Niesh" can earn so much la! Consumers need those so-called nano technology water filters to filter away those dirt and microorganism which directed from the Klang river.

Nonetheless, my house is using the "Baiyo-Pio"....

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