189# Eaten up inside

189# Eaten up inside

Today the result for the English placement test was out. When i walked towards the Auditorium, i saw a few number of people gathered and checking something out at the notice board.

Oh shit...

I went to join the crowd. I saw 3 rows of ID numbers showing students who need to attend for English classes. Only those who did not do well in the test will need to attend the English class, as to enhance their language skills.

First row... My ID number was not in. Clear.

Second row... My ID number was not in either. Great.

Third row... Mmm... That number looked familiar....



Oii! Are you fucking serious? I'm in the third group! I will need to attend English classes every friday from 10.30am to 12pm!

I could not believe my eyes. I hoped that my brain interpreted the messages sent by my eyes. I hoped that the neuorotrasmitters went wrong. Again and again i stared at that number, i must admit that... I'm in.

I'm not Kitty Cat sized of Tulan right now, but King Kong type of Tulan!

I thought that i could pass that exam very easily!

Read what i wrote about the exam at "Day 3". I think that was the reason why i failed the exam. For exam which held for 2.5 hours, i left the hall after 45 minutes. I hoped i had stayed in the hall for any longer and rewrite the whole article again. Anyway, it's too late.

50 people out of the 218 need to go for English class. There are quarter of the whole intake. I was so lucky to be in. And of cause, got laughed by my friends who did not get picked. What a shame... But a few of my friends from Taylors got the lucky chance too, though.

I convinced myself to face the truth. Failing the exam and the commitment of attending the English class indicated that i need to enhance my English. From what i had learnt when i was in Taylors was not enough to get through all of these. My English sucks, that's the fact.

I am not escaping from attending the class. I have to admit i do need some "external enhancements". I went for the class just now. After ice breakers, we did some vocabularies. And we were asked to make some sentences from the vocabs.

Eg 1 : All ranged heroes are required to participate in melee combats.

Eg 2 : Rikimaru must ensure that he can stay invisible after 3 seconds.

Eg 3 : I have just done a research on how to increase my hero's attack speed.

Eg 4 : Metal orb is essential in increasing a hero's intelligence.

Hell yeah. Me and my friend, we play DoTA.

I'm using the library's computer facility now to type all of these. I have to say that, IMU's IT facility sucks. The computer is out of date, the connection is slow, the RAM is slow. Taylor's computers were far beyond compare.

I think i shall stop this can go to do researchs for my PBL work...

PS: Oh ya, black layout of this page is more comfortable for eyes right? Adrien, go chance yours to black too!

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