185# Overdriven

185# Overdriven

Other than the traditional Overdrive pedal, besides, there are Super Overdrive, Overdrive/Distortion and Dual Overdrive.

The below conversations were between me and Audrey, through the MSN messanger on Monday, 27th of February. Conversation's based on memory.

Audrey : Hey i heard fuel's price is going to increase.
Me : what...? Really or not?
Audrey : I'm not sure, maybe it's just a rumour.
Me : I damn hope so.
Audrey : PJ is jam right now because everyone is going to add before the price increase.
Me : My car's tank is quite the low now... But how much can we save la if purposely go and add...
Audrey : ...

The next day, 28th of February.

I woke up late. Skipped all the briefings in school. I was not wearing my specs because i was going to clean myself up.

Though my vison was blur, but i could still see the headline of the newspaper which placed on the dining table.

"Petrol price increased for 30 cents..." Something like that. Chinese words are easy to recognise.

Holy molely! It was not a rumour!

It was RM1.62 per litre, and officially after 12am of 28th, the price went high to additional of 30 cents per litre.

30 cents!

How many things that we can do with 30 cents nowadays?

- Send 30 sms to friends who in our Activ5 / Friends and Family list.

- Send 3 bubble messages (016)
- A cell phone call which only last only for 30 seconds.
- Buy 3 sweets.
- A cheap kling-only-suck cigarette.
- An "air suam" in mamak stalls.
- An entry to the toilet in malls.

It seems that 30 cents make no big deal right now. But consider this, people are going to add more than 30 litres of fuel each time they fill up.

30 litres x RM0.30 = RM9.00

And most people, including me, fill 3 times of fuel in 2 weeks, means 6 times a month.

Therefore we can proceed the calculation on how much of money has lost due to the increase of fuel's price.

RM9.00 x 6 times a month = RM54.00

WTH? A CD price already! I can buy BoA's CD+DVD with that amount of money! I can also buy Mika Nakashima's 2 tracks single which is RM49.00!

CD+DVD version cover image

CD only cover image

BoA's 4th Japanese album, OUTGROW. Released 13th of February in Japan.

Some of the people even worst. Their salaries are already low, due to their cruel, unconsiderate, kiam siap employers and companies. And their salaries have never increase regardless the increased costs that they will need to spend on.

This incident is definitely an impact for them. Because indirectly their salary have been 10% off since the increase of fuel's price! Pitiful...

The gahmen has said that the price will not going to be increased again for this year. That at least able to calm the consumers down. But we still have 10 more months to go for 2006! We can't guarantee anything from the gahmen!

I'm not going to do anything which will harm my car's fuel tank, and which will harm my wallet, my card. I'm going to stick my asses at home to study.

PS: How much is the price of fuel per litre in the UK, Germany, Ireland and Austrialia?

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