184# Mika Nakashima

184# Mika Nakashima

My collection of Mika Nakashima's albums.

First album : TRUE
Second album : LOVE
Third album : MUSIC

First best album : BEST

Second mini album ; Oborodukiyo~Inori

Absent : All singles which cost RM 49.00 (or higher), which have only 2 to 4 tracks.

Her second single will not be in anyone's hands anymore. Since the 100 thousands copies of the single, titled "Cresent Moon" had been sold out during the FIRST day which it was published.

I guess i know why was there a 100,000-first-day-sold-out.

My encounter to Mika was really meaningless. Just got attracted by her LOVE album's cover art, which i spotted at Jaya Jusco, Bukit Raja. That was the reason i bought her album at the early year of 2004.

Once i put the CD into my player, the jazzy sounds turned me off. That was not my kind of music since that moment i prefered Utada, BoA types of ballad and R&B.

But soon after, i got into Mika's pop-jazz world. Nonetheless, her slow songs are more than nice too. Tracks like Yuki No Hana, Aroma, Last Waltz in LOVE album are my all-time-favourtie.

After college, me and Joshua dashed to Sunway Pyramid. I got her first album, TRUE. And at the year of 2005, August, i got her third album MUSIC. End of January of this year, i got her BEST album from Tower Records MV.

For those who have never buy any album of Mika Nakashima, the BEST album is a must buy. Spend your RM46.90 to get one.

Unlike Koda Kumi or the others who go with a sexy line, Mika always have a good taste in her dressings. Initially i felt her style was kind of weird, out-of-mainstream-kinda-thing.

Eventually i found out that, that is Mika's style. She has her own ones. And she even got awarded for something like best dressings award!

Forget about her dressings and stuff. I found something which shocked me off on the internet. Precisely, from someone's blog.

Oh my God, she was bare naked.
I wonder who was the Sensei for the tattoo!

It's a fact that she likes lotus flower. And the symbol used for the second album is a lotus, and there was a track at the second album titled "Destiny Lotus".

I did not expect that she would have such a tattoo on her body, a lotus flower tattoo. Girls usually will not have such huge tattoo, since the process of making one is miserable.

I can't imagine how painful would it be. Wondering how she lay and sit when she had just done hers. For sure it was going to be painful.

I think that not much of Mika fans have seen the pictures above. And those are going to freak the Hell out of Mika fans, i guess.

So far as i know, only Adrien and Princess Kim listen to Mika. Who else?

PS: The small picture at the right blog box is actually Mika. A snap shot taken from her "Resistance" PV. An angel with wings, who was holding the statue of the Virgin Mary.

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