183# Overdrove

183# Overdrove

I was told not to drive too fast during the way to school. 90km/h is the speed limit in the KESAS highway.

Come on man, what's the speed limit for? For sure there are more than 90% of the vehicles on the road speed more than that. 90km/h is like the speed for the bikes. Even Mini Cooper also speed more than 130km/h.

I usually stay constant in between speed of 90km/h to 120km/h. Depends on my mood and energy level. During the morning i'll drive slower since i was not awake most of the times. During way back i'll drive faster because i could smell lunch was waiting for me.

If i stay at the middle lane with the speed of 90km/h, even the huge trucks on my left will move faster than i do. So what's the significance of having that speed limit?

Been warned not to drive that fast, because there're speed cameras around to capture those which speed exceed the limit. Is there any in the KESAS highway? Where got?

If there are, any, then for sure everyone also kena liao la! Where got people drive less than 90km/h one?

What's KESAS stands for by the way? I know it got to do with Shah Alam. Is it "KE Shah Alam Sahaja"?

Well, maybe it stands for "KElajuan Sangat Amat Strict".

During the first day coming back from school, where was a white car sped away from my right with speed more than 140km/h. I still managed to stay my eye on the car for few seconds before it disappeared from my sight. It was Nissan Skyline GTR R34! My dream car! White color one some more! I want!

The second day of school, while the way back to klang, another white car sped off. I could tell what car was that, Mazda RX7! Edison Chen's character's car in Initial D movie! But i guess it was a different model though. FD model is more than FC does.

The third day, another white car passed me by, again. And that was a FIAT. Anyway... I'm not interested in that brand's car.

What am i going to tell is, each of every car drives more than the stressed speed limit. And in the end, no one gets summoned. Why?

If everyone gets one, then the gahmen will be blardy loaded liao.

PS : Please forgive my language, a little bit too Man... I mean, Mandlish...

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