182# Fire Match for the Stone Ages

182# Fire Match for the Stone Ages

My cell phone.

Bet you are not going to see this anywhere, but only from Decarboxylation.blogspot.com. This antique has been disappeared from the market decades ago.

Currently still good in condition. I like it a lot. It does not lag like the color screen phones do.

The buttons are just nice for me to key in messages with the speed of 6 characters per second. Color screen phone can't do that...

The ring alert is perfect for the use of morning calls. For sure it will get me up from the warm bed so that i will go to school.

The display is pure and simple. No additional, useless icons nor words.

A cell phone's basic function is to talk. Messaging is enabled as well. So what can i ask for more?

People in the IMU did not believe that i'm still using a monochromatic, monophonic cell phone. When i took it out from my right pocket, it shut their mouths.

Think that N8250 is old? Now look at this ;

Please don't laugh until piss in your pants ok! Another antique that i have!

Among all 8 cell phones in my house, this N3210 has the longest history!

Still good in function. Additional functions are such as ;

- Throw at mad dogs, since there're so many stray dogs around Taman Sentosa, which the klings like.
- Throw at drunken klings, since they drink 24/7 and they'll do shits when they're drunk.
- Throw at klings' houses if they make noises.
- Screw the klings up if they attemp to rob/assault/rape/kidnap/molest/harass.

My N8250 has been served me since 24 January of 2002 until now. And i'm not going to let it retire. It's going to serve me until its end of its life!

Adrien, your N6010 can throw away already. Audrey, you can just leave your N1100 in the Pan-Mee-Soup. Even Kenny Sia's O2 also cannot use already. Why?

Because... I'm not ending this post yet. Those above are just appetizers. Now check this out ;

The first Made-In-Malaysia cell phone, M10i !

See! He felt so proud and happy to use it!

Now this is what we called as a phone(y)!

Why named as M10 i?

M - is the initial of "Malaysia" la of cause! Spent so many efforts to come out with a cell phone which they made themselves. Sure want to show off la!

10 - Why 10? Is it because they had failed for 9 times to create the phone? And it was the 10th time which they succeeded?

i - The reason they put an "i" at the back of it is simple. Now the alphabet "i" is so popular. Been (ab)used by Osim, Sony Ericsson, I-tech... Sure they don't want to be left behind, and follow the trend la!

Basic functions are expected from the phone. Of cause it can be used to call, and sms la. And they have special functions, which can't be found in Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Moto... or any phone brands that you can name.

- Prayers alert.
- Prayers direction display.

This phone is made for the middle east and muslims in Malaysia only. The rest of you all, go use back your own phone only la.

If i got this phone for free, i think i'll just "put" it beside the road, to "donate" it to the desperated idiots in my area.

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