180# Drive

180# Drive

Today my dad's secretary returned her car to my dad. She drove the car to my house, and handed back the car key to me.

Before i knew what was the reason she returned the car, i learnt one thing:

"Die! I will be forced to learn, and to drive that manual car!"

There's been more than 2 years since the last time i drove a manual car. And that was the time where i was learning for the licience. And she returned the car because she got herself a new car.

At the evening, me and my elder sister tried to drive that manual car. She drove first. Initially, she drove a little bit off. But she managed to get in tuned very fast.

My turn next. I was about the same to. Drove badly and try to recall the faded instinct of driving a manual car. Somehow i got to drive smooth after that.

Problems started to arise since a white little kancil appeared at my back. I tried to drive faster since i did not want my slow driving to block the others.

Since that, my pace and rhythm gone off.

I was totally out of clutch timing and the car shook greater than Ricky Martin's ass. I began to be frustrated because of my first failure.

After that, i could not drive smoothly as i could before that. And my sister got fed up with my uselessness.

I can't drive manual no more! So how am i going to drive it to IMU everyday ? Which my dad expects me to do so. Which is 35km away from home.

The risk is still there if i drive an automated car. What about a manual car. It's even worst. Have to play around with the gear stick, stepping on the clutch. And keep my eye on the traffic. That's really a multi-task. I can't do it.

Even though it's really fuel-econ friendly, but for Hell's sake, it's not driver friendly. At least for a driver like me. No way. No manual car. No...

I really admire those who can drive a manual car. But among those who i know, most of the people are driving autos.

During college time, as i know only Brandon was driving manual. And my friend William is driving manual as well, since he got his licience not long ago.

Guess i will need a lot of efforts and patience in order to drive the manual car. But i doubt, that i will not have the time, as well as the patience.

And yet, i'm a slow learner!

P/S: IMU is commencing on this Wednesday... Tension... I guess my next coming up post will be done using IMU's IT facility.

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