175# The Unquestionable Truth - Part 1

175# The Unquestionable Truth - Part 1

Now i have time to type something out. Cny gathering is taking a rest now before the next one which falls on the 12th.

I'm having serious migraine now. It rarely happens.

Today my tuition teacher who taught me since i was 8 to 12 came for visit. We only meet twice a year, which are only during deepavali and cny.

According to her, she said a teacher from a school secretly revealed that the UPSR examination's marking scheme is race based. That teacher is one of those examiner and she revealed the policy applied by the government.

Even though that fact was pretty predictable, but i felt shocked too when i heard it with my very own ears. Proved that i was not bias or anything. My thought was right.

They have quotas according to race. So within these people must have this number of A's, those and those people will have these amounts of A's...

Apparently they are doing something to protect themselves. My teacher said, she knows a little boy, who always got last or second last in his class, got 5A's for his UPSR. And... the achievement of this boy is either attained by this own hardwork, or just some policy helped him out.

Other than marking schemes, they do have quotas when arranging students in classes. They must have a particular number of these people, and those people in a class. So for sure there will be an amount of these people in the top class.

That does not mean that these student are excellent. It's simply because it's easier for the school to split students while having religion class and moral studies. And... of cause, to protect their own states.

I did have a lot of unsatisfactories toward these problems. But someone told me, the policy applied by the government is inevitable.

If the contrast between these people and those people are far too obvious, and then the second incident like the 513 will be triggered.

The times of the emergency was just like Hell. I got to know from my friend's father, while during the incident, even the policemen stripped off their uniforms. Shot down those people with their own guns. And wear back their uniform after the slayings.

Imagine how horrible was that.

Therefore, i began to endure more on how the government goes. The unfairness is pretty much obvious to see, as well as the consequences. Anyway these are inevitable. It's necessary for the government to help them out in order to decrease the contrast.

This is it, the condition.

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