176# Making use

176# Making use

Young men now days are interested in these 3 things:

i) Cars

ii) Girls
iii) Football.

Lacking one interest from the above 3 makes no complete man.

Today i'm here to talk about an incident occured which involved 2 of the 3 above.

Situation : I was driving in the car fetching Will back after having tea in Old town.
A call was received by Will with his new second hand cell phone which he had just bought minutes ago.

(Below conversation were in Hokkien and Mandarin, have been translated into half-raw English)

Will : Harlo, mushi mushi.
Girl : Harlo ah, william ah. Tonight wanna go E-song or not?
Will : Go E-song for what?
Girl : To sing song la of cause!
Will : Who else will be going la?
Girl : Our some other friends la.
Will : Hey, i got no extra money already la.
Girl : We all share-share, each person RM20 only ma.

(I cut the conversation)
Me : RM20 not money ar?

Will : RM20 not money ar? I damn broke already la.
Girl : Is Ah L around ar? Call him come fetch me.
Will : Ah L is busy today la. What time tonight?
Girl : Like that never mind la. Tonight around 9pm la.
Will : Oh...
Girl : You come fetch me ok?

(One second of silence)

Will : I got no car tonight, my sister's teaching tution until 10.30pm la.
Girl : Har...?


I tell you, i damn hate this kind of people. If the guy has no car to drive at all at the first place, do you think this bitch will call him?

She invited him was not because of she wanted him to join them. It was because she needed someone to fetch her out to the Karaoke.

They all sing Chinese songs, and my friend knows no Chinese songs at all. So what's the point of going Karaoke with them?

I appreciate my collegemates who had fetched me to many places. She Fong, Tai Ken, Wei-Jin, Brandon, Michelle, Wey chung, Harpreet, Joshua, Justin... Thanks a lot.

These kind of shits did occured on me for few times. And i began to get sick of it. For any stupid invitations or helps now on, hoped that i could just say,

"Hey do you think that it's worth for me to get to your place, from my place which is miles away. And fetch you to somewhere, and i go back home in the end with nothing like a driver?"

But in fact, i could just say,

"Walao... so far la... cannot leh..."

Sometimes i do have no choice at all. I'm not a driver for free to drive people anywhere.

KNNCCB, petrol now is RM1.62/litre. My car's petrol consumption is rather high, RM0.25/km. Full tank RM70.

You tambah petrol for me ah?

Sluts. Go get someone rich who will drive free for you with a CLK. I'm not a driver.

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