331# Lost

331# Lost

I can't believe that i will go mid valley again yesterday. I have just went there 12 days ago after our renal assessment.

That time, we went to for sushi, and i bought 2 books (Mitch albom and Thomas Harris), and we got lost during the way back.

And yesterday, the cycle repeated.

We went for sushi again, i bought 2 books (Mitch albom and Thomas Harris) again, and we got lost during the way back again.

I have got lost for 3 times in a row during the way back from mid valley back to bukit jalil. And i don't know why.

To be honest, I'm very sick of sushi now. Been eating a lot lately until i lost my appetite for it. But i still went there because my friends are so crazy about it.

This time i had to download the 50% off mobile voucher myself because my friend's handphone wasn't working. That deducted RM3.50 off from my credit and i had no credit to call home after that.

I didn't eat much. From 5 plates last time i improved to 6.5 plates. I went to the burger store for a burger before that, that's why i couldn't eat much. What a waste.

But that two fellas ate a lot until the sushi drove them to sleep. And unfortunately, me myself too. Chan really fell asleep until i had to wake him up to finish up his scallop sushi, because it was already 9pm that time.

Both of them ate more than what we did previously as if the food was really free.

There's an improvement, from 25 plates to 32 plates. Could be more if i didn't get sick of it.

During the way back, i forgot where did i parked my car.

Shit, usually i take a picture down of the car with the pillar which location is written. But i didn't do that yesterday because both of them were hungry and i had to rush and totally forgotten to note down where i parked my car.

In the end, it took us more than 35 minutes to find the car.

I was searching around while pressing on the remote alarm hope that the car is nearby and gave me a beep.

It was like men in dessert who are going to be thirst to death when we found back my car.

We actually screamed like mad people and ran towards it.

It was so scary when you can't allocate your car. Plus it is mid valley. I have a relative who took 3 hours to find his car back in the car park.

Is there any grace period to exit from the car park? Don't think so since we get out from the car park after 50 minutes after we paid.

Didn't know that the ticket tells which entrance you came in and what floor you parked.


After knowing that we managed to find the car just within 10 minutes.

It was 10.45pm already where all of the cars were moving out. That took us more than 15 minutes just exit the car park.

One out of 99 reasons of traffic jam.

I was told to follow seremban direction and then cheras, then komplex sukan or what so ever.

It was smooth at the beginning until there was a point where can cut into seremban or straight to cheras.

I went straight, and i believed that was a mistake. I ended up going to cheras and kajang direction.

Got lost for half an hour until i turned to tasik selatan direction which led us back to bukit jalil...

PS: I need someone to guide me next time... Or else, we take train only ok?

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