327# If you want to win, you must "bia"

327# If you want to win, you must "bia"

I never feel something like this.

Through out my whole life, i have encountered different kinds of stress, although almost 90% of them are caused by exams.

But this something totally different. This stress has totally swallowed me up.

Not only stressed, now i'm tired, both physically as well as mentally. My sleep is disturbed because "it" is beating within me. My body is in ache especially my limbs, due to the lactate accumulated result from the anaerobic metabolism in me.

I always wanted to do something in the imu before i left to seremban campus. I can't do any kind of sports therefore i didn't take part in the imu cup for the previous past two times. I only joined the art competitions and i didn't win anything.

I can't dance, either. And i don't expect myself to get involved in cheerleading too. Therefore a music performance would be the only thing that i am able to do before i leave imu bukit jalil to imu seremban.

Our band manager, asked me to handle the drums for the performance during the friday night. I was glad because finally i have the chance to perform for my very first time. But too bad that i'm still very new in drumming.

Practice during the morning.

I could be the noobest drummer in the history of imu who is going to perform.

The only time that i actually touched drums was the time i picked drums as my elective during my first semester in imu, which was August of 2006.

The intensive course which i took was just a month of 4 classes, 30 minutes each which make up the 2 hours in total.

I can't image that i'm going to perform on stage with the 2 hours of lessons and experience that i only have. To make things worse, i have not been touching drums ever since that, which is already 16 months!

Practice during late evening.

In a band, other than the vocalist and the bassist, the drummer is important in maintaining beats. And apparently i failed to do so. Practicing the song which we are going to perform in 84bpm was very hard to me, because i'm used to timing of 140bpm or above.

I really appreciate the chance of being able to perform on stage. But i'd be glad if i could handle the position as the lead guitarist. I've been playing the electric guitar for 4 years full. Even though i've stopped playing for 2 years ever since i entered to imu, but at least i have more experience in guitar than drums.

Plus the lead guitar part for this song is relatively easy for me, because i'm used to play melodies instead of chord-strumming.

I feel very sorry to the rest of the band member because i always tend to play faster than what i supposed to be. Being the core, once if i screwed up, the rest of the members will screw up too. That explains why am i in such a different stress.

Just came back from the rehersal, i think i have done the best that i could, and hope i won't cause the rest to screw up on tomorrow's performance.

Please don't boo at me or beat me up if i play out of beat ok?

1 vocalist, 4 backing vocalists including 1 keyboardist, 2 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 drummer, 4 violinists, 1 flautist and 1 trumpeter. 15 of us in the band, i could we could possibly be the largest performing band that you would see on tomorrow night.

I have been carrying my electric guitar around recently, although i'm not playing the guitar for that performance. Because the rest of the band members have no electric guitar therefore i have to borrow mine to the rhythm guitarist.

That's some reason why i try not to carry out my guitar around. However, accident still happened. I forgot to lock my hardcase and i carried it up. The guitar just rolled out and the body knocked at the hard case's edge.

There's a dent at the edge of the body of the guitar. Heartache, really painful.

PS: I actually controlled my walking speed in 84bpm after the practices.
(Andante - walking pace of 76bpm to 108bpm)

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