329# GN - 002 Gundam Dynames

329# GN - 002 Gundam Dynames

1/100 Scale model - Intro

I didn't expect to visit to the model shop again until the MG Unicorn is released.

It will be released in Jap tomorrow. To wait it to reach our country it may take from few days until a week or more.

Plus the owner of the model shop is going for Christmas vacation, therefore she won't be opening her shop until the 29th of this month.

And hence i decided to visit the shop on next year, 2nd of January of 2008, if the MG unicorn has already been available there.

Somehow, accidents do happen.

I have a friend who is turning 21st end of this year, so i decided to get him something. And i visited the model shop today.

Not only bought a model kit for him, i bought something which i planned below MG unicorn under my list.

1/100 scale model of Gundam Dynames was released in Jap on 13rd of this month. Hence it's reasonable that i'll spot it in the model shop, because it's already 18th today.

I told myself to buy it only after the MG unicorn, because an MG is surely more important and a non graded scale model. But somehow, i didn't feel like walking away without buying anything for myself.

Plus i have promised Chan to buy his Revoltech eva 00 from him. So... seems that purchase needs to be delayed again.

2300 yen in japan, and i bought it for 2807 yen. Usually buyers here has to pay extra for the shipping cost, tax and as well as the transport cost and stuffs like that. Anyway the price that we pay is approaching the price in yen price, so it's not too bad after all.

And those who staying at countries where there's no model shops, they will need to purchase online. They usually pay extra because of the shipping costs. But anyway it's still cheap for them, considering that US dollar worth 3 times more than our currency here.

Can't believe i'll be buying another high grade standard model instead of a master grade model. 9 frames only in total, quite stress-free to build. Although master grade model has more parts to build and it's more stressing, but that makes it more challenging.

Unlike model kit of this level (equivalent to high grade though), it's easier but somehow it is somewhere near master grade level, just without the inner frame which the latter does.

Seems that the beam rifle and pistols require extensive painting to reach their original color. One of the downside of being a high grade level model kit...

I remained the frames in the plastics, didn't bother to tear them out because i am not going to assemble them yet due to some reasons.

I will only assemble it probably the week after christmas, or after i get and assembled the MG unicorn.

Was asking for fun for the crafting knife and seriously the model shop has it. It's not a cheap tool because it costs me 913 yen. Sometimes the tool itself can be quite expensive, but it's worth to spend on if it's used for a long run.

In order to maintain the standard, all these are made in japan. If they were made in china, guess we could buy them in a cheaper price. But may have QC issues in turn...

What did i bought for my friend? It's not meant to tell though. He might be reading this.

Feel like going to collect all 4 of the main gundams in this series. I think most likely i will.

The coming up Gundam Kyrios to be released on January 2008 catches my attention too. Buy-able. And about the fat Gundam Virtue, hope they design it with the removable armor into Gundam Nahleeh.

Quite possible, since it's not going to be released in MG format, therefore they should make this design into 1/100.

I dragged chan along with me just now and apparently he didn't escape his fate of buying something too.

He was about to buy 2 SD models (those mini mini cute cute model) and some markers. But he put back the SD models after seeing this tanker, Gaplant of High Grade Universal Century model. And he slayed his wallet for this.

Both of us walked out happily with something. But it was pain deep inside our hearts...

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