324# Vege for your intestine

324# Vege for your intestine

Remember the post "Salf for your kidneys" that i posted not long ago?

After thinking again and again, i find out that i love the canteen in the uni even more.

It is the only canteen in the uni, i have no choice, but to love it.

Or else i would have no place to drink nescafe-panas-kao before the lectures.

Last tuesday, i finished my Clinical Skills Unit at 12.50pm. I had a Problem Based Learning session at 1.15pm later.

Means i had only 25 minutes to eat my lunch. I drive out to eat usually but on that particular day, seemed that i didn't have a choice but to eat my lunch in the canteen.

Lunch is supposed to be important.

I have to make it heavy because it's the main source of energy for me to study until 3.30pm where i will have tea break again. Sometimes i don't though.

At the canteen, i took the mixed rice. Some vege and 3 pieces of fish.

Sting ray, expected it not to be cheap. I guessed it would be around RM3 something or RM4. The mixed rice that i usually eat outside cost me from RM2.50 to RM3.50 only by the way.

But guess what, the lady who sits at the counter charged me RM5.00 for it.

RM5.00. RM5.00. RM5.00. RM5.00. RM5.00.

Scroll up to see the picture of that mixed rice again. Did that worth RM5.00?

To make things worse, the food wasn't tasty at all.

The vege was practically tasteless. Erm, guess that's how usually vege taste like.

But one thing i found weird at the green leaves of the vege.

And i spreaded it on the table to take a look nicely.

Green leaves of the vege. Freshness guaranteed.

I was like, oh-my-freaking-god. What on earth has happened to these vege?

I don't support the abuse of pesticide but hey, this is way too much.

These leaves are farked up. Wormholes.

(By the way, full-of-holes in jap means farked up at the same time. Learnt from DMC anime.)

Wormhole metrics:

And the non-traversable wormhole metric (Schwarzschild solution):

Oh yeah.

How am i going to eat it?

Seriously, would you eat something like this?

And you have freaking paid RM5.00 for such full-of-holes-mixed rice!

Guess what can RM5.00 give you from the restaurant outside.

I'd go for this char kuey tao or lou shu fan out there instead.

Check out the prawn, its thickness is about the diameter of a 50 cent coin. This is a small dish, you'll have 3 giant, fresh, sweet prawns if you order a big dish.

And it's just RM3.50 (small). Plus a teh-ais which cost you RM1.30 - everything is just RM4.80, cheaper than the full-of-holes-mixed rice which is RM5.00 and without drinks.

I don't mind to drive out as long as i can eat a better food.

Just look at what we're having right now, do we deserve it? Is this the food service we deserved after paying RM48k to the uni every year?

Please legalise BKT.

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