330# Three

330# Three

Decarboxylation is three years and three days old today.

I supposed to write this on the 17th of this month where it was the exact three years anniversary of this page and apparently i have forgotten.

Never mind, three years and three days isn't that bad too, double the three. And this is the 330th post too, double the three as well.

Can't believe i have been writing for this long. When i read back my old posts, those are so bad until i don't feel like reading it.

Anyway, people do grow. The past shows how much i have stepped forward until today.

Pardon all my language mistakes. When i read back, i realised that my language was weaker than i imagined. I hope what am i writing now is comfortable to read.

For those who have been reading since the very first day, i believe that you have noticed some changes in here.

I was in the denial stage. I had a lot of bad stuffs in me. I wrote them out as to curse kao them.

After the anger and depression stage, i have reached to the acceptance stage right now.

I accept what i have around me now and i appreciate it.

"Cursing the gahmen and people won't make you happy"

Therefore i decided to write something else which will make myself happy. About my friends, my batch mates and even about gunpla to share the thoughts with the other collectors and modellers out there.

Hope you will enjoy (?) reading decarboxylation and any feedback are welcomed.

Thank you for reading this and have a nice day.

PS: No visual in this entry, i feel kind of weird.

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