326# Serpent Tongue

326# Serpent Tongue

"Jingle in the Jungle", they called it.

My batch mates managed to hold a "reptile show" (we called it) today as a fund-raising for the imu Christmas night and convocation magazine (i guess so).

Back to last week, a few of my batch mates (a lot of them actually) were asking around to sell the tickets for this reptile show.

To be honest, selling it at Rm10 for 3 was kind of expensive. Because initially i told myself it's not worth to pay to see something which i can easily see, something crawling on my wall and floor through out the day and night.

But that thinking has changed today.

Of course the reptiles shown are different then lizards crawling on the wall and floor.

The "Jingle in the Jungle" held today from 10.30am onwards. Quite a lot of them went there to support.

The first thing we saw was snakes. And snakes.

To be honest, i don't feel comfortable with snakes just like the rest of us do. Who don't afraid of them?

If i'm not wrong, there's this snake temple at penang. I went there was i was little, and i didn't touch any of them, even though i was given a chance.

The snake showned above is actually a Mangrove Cat Snake. Good name. There's actually snakes named after cat. This is just 1 out of the 4 which have names of "cat" in it.

Take note of that, they do eat there own kind even though it's just occasionally. This is something i never thought of. Maybe i have witnessed it before on the tv, but i still feel that this fact is something new to me.

Other than snakes, there were a few frogs there.

Check out this particular ones. If it wasn't labelled as "White Tree Frog", i'd assume that someone has poo poo-ed in this container.

This frog is just plain obese and it refused to react to its external environment. The rest of the frogs still move around though. And there were frogs there called "Pac man frog". Interesting.

Wonder what kind of food these "Pac man frog" feed themselves with. Round things that we see in the video game?

Hedgehogs. 3 of them, normal breed and the albino.

They are not reptile though.

There are no spikes, and they merely resembles guinea pigs or hamster to me (non halal according to kennysia). Anyway i still have no courage to touch them, but my friend did.

Quite funny that an animal which looks like mice eats cat food.

How can a reptile show show without the python?

This creature is huge, its diameter could be outnumbered than my forearm. Wonder how heavy it is.

2 chickens are fed to it weekly if i didn't hear wrongly. Guess it still eat something else other than that because i don't think 2 chickens is enough to last for a week, although they can survive long with limited food.

No one messes with the cobra. It was one of those snakes which were not carried out from the cage.

The cobra was sort of agitated, therefore it would raise its head up. I assume it is poisonous...

These snakes actually costs about hundreds. Anyone interested to have one?

To be honest, today is the first day i touched the snakes. They were cold, scaldy and heavy.

At first i was still afraid of it, but after seeing my friend held it, i dared myself to do the same.

Thus that's why i think that this show was worth to spend money on.

But i wouldn't kiss a snake. Even if you pay me RM10,000 for that. No.

Because i've watched Steven Chow's Kungfu Hustle. I know how would it be to be bitten by a snake on the mouth. Lol.

To be honest count: 3

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