Staccato Romance by Moonlight

Staccato Romance by Moonlight

The sound of tears dripping
Behind the delicate stars
A mist of labyrinth
Covers my sight and the dusk
There is nothing inside
In the aria of dark
And I found Her in a tempest of cark

Under the midnight skies
I held my hand with Hers
The liquor of tears revealed
By the cold blue moonlight
We stared each other in this holly night
She whispered to me with Her frosted lips
My shadow could not let go everything I gripped
Herein our eyes shut, She moved closer
And took everything to one step further
The howling of the sea lulled the wind of fears
Nymph of the darkness, beatified with me...

"Dear pathetic, what can you see when you cling to me ?
Your fragrant soul enchanted my will
Passionate kiss beside the dark sentimental sea
When the moon glowed with blue fire
Harmonize my crescendo desire
We can fly together to seek a pace of symmetry"

Awaken, haunted by the poisoned dream
Another systolic illusion by the bloodletting requiem
Whispering slowly like a shadow around me
Inflicting my fragile skins with misery

I , enchanted and confused
In a sea of questions, answers lost and seduced
Tempest-tossed, slit my wrist with the punishment cherished

And I , endeavored to bury Her from mind
This scarlet spell burns with passion, divined
Consuming my black scorched pain endlessly

Waiting for the signals to cease the torment
Her voice revived everything that she burned
Forlorn mind undeceived from the words she returned
I taste my sorrow with my hollow skin
She hides, from the words She mesmerized
One hour, I cannot wait to see Her
Being one of those who could not have Her
In front of my mirror is an inferior
Seeking for a road to be together
Nothing seems to be better than nothing

"Jagged wounds taste my tears
Overcome my rued chords
Just listen to my fears
Once again before my belief rots"

She left with a mordant fog
Swallowed everything she felt within
Standing all alone in the fate of in between
I can only taste my sorrow with my hollow skin

Mike: The very first work in this year after a year of inspirations and learning.
This is the darkest , longest and the most significant words I have ever written.
I hope the message will be sent to Her and hope She is able to understand all of this.
Thank You.

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