19# The Beginning of another phase

19# The Beginning of another phase

Well... The last day of 2004... Everybody got their own plan to celebrate. Me, I had a bbq at
my fren's place... From 4pm i went out with them to buy all the stuffs and foods we needed. I
paid first la... then i collect money from them.

Actually i'm not into chicken wings.. bcoz it's really hard to bbq, and for sure it's goin to
be burnt at the outside, still raw in the inside. But somehow i just did it la... I think i'd
bbq the chicken wing, the only one tat i bbq, or more than 30 minutes... Of coz cooked til the
inside la... Delicious, but i just ate one, ah crap...

No special tv shows, so we just on the tv and bang the VCD that i made. The MVs tat we are not
goin to see in Msia. Got one guy where, he's a christian, though i knew it, but i just played
those videos as requested by my fren. Ah... he seemed like feelin unhappy about it, so i just
change Cd after tat. My fren la, tat guy damn perverted, wanna see those porn scenes in the
videos, sigh.

I banged my gig, my frens sang... We just bantai everything in there... Get crazy... though we
werent celebrating like others in KL or PJ, but we had a good time... I think la. I also dunno
whether i enjoyed or not. When i fetched my frens back around 1240, i felt my voice like
changed. Not sore, but just changed a bit. Bcoz i'd screamed too much in there... haha. No
voice dy now...

Everyone out there, hope u all arent regret for everything u'd done in 2004, and kick off the
obstacles in 2005... Ya man.

3...2...1... Pop... HNY... ah c2pid....

SMKKY kakis... From left : Roy, KianLeong, Suren, Cienheng.
The one lying on them, Me la...

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