25# New blood of 0501 CAL - Sigh...

25# New blood of 0501 CAL - Sigh...
Well well well... coll again. This year's new intake got plenty of new students. According to
one of my fren, around 1700 new students in this intake. Wat the hack... so many meh? Ermm... pretty easy to distinguish a new student from an old student... well, only new students will
have their new ID cards hangin on their necks, hehe... like wat we did last time.

I took the sch bus again. Damn lot of ppl la thins year. And most of them seem to be so
excited to go coll everyday, non stop talking in the bus every morning and everning. Damn it
man... cant even sleep wei... early in the morning i cant sleep at all like last time in the
bus. Instead, i need to bang my ears with my discman... Doin the same as in the evening.
And... though the noise is bangin in my mind, but just bcoz i was too tired, i was still able
to fall asleep... forget all the sound pollution produced by those juniors and have a 2hours
rest in the bus.

I'm the one who get home the lastest in the bus, just bcoz i stay the
furthest... sigh. One of my bus mate, who is the same intake as me, asked me whether i could
sleep or not. I answered i could, only with my discman! Haha... I saw her fell asleep too. Wat
to do la, damn tired... and the juniors are like dun need to rest at all. Doin all the fucking
noises all the time. God damn them... I just tolerant for these 3, 4 months la. After tat, A2
final take KTM la...

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