22# We meet again...

22# We meet again...

Sharon n Rachael are back... As usual, we went to Fruity to have an afternoon tea. Mmmm...
though we never meet for half a year, everyone is still the same... Sharon is still like tat,
seldom speaks... But sometime when she talks, for sure there'll be something funny. Rachael...
sigh, still talk and laugh like crazy, non-stop... Youth, sometimes chat in msn. OK la, still
boom ppl like shit, cool man. Ning... improved, never left behind by topics! Me? i become slow
dy... sigh.

I did something great today... The waiters in the cafe shop never meet me for quite sometime
bcoz i din go there about half a year. So she just chatted to me when she took down my orders
and the bill. I paid RM12 and she gave me back RM8 something. I was so curious and asked her
to check again. I wasnt paying RM20 ma... She apologized and said tat i'm very honest. I
answered, " My SPM moral got B4 ya, jangan main..." Hehe... Honest? Of coz, I m not tat greedy la. Everything I do must be sincere and honest ma. Though moral study is just a piece of

Dunno why suddenly out topic went to my trust... oh ya... about my frens around me... most of
them are... Well, it's not something tat we could discuss about in the public. I have a
different thought about them. Not the matter of why i against them, the thing is why they lie
to us. And the more i noe about them, the more i hate about. I noe it will not be accepted by
the world, but the truth behind the book will be ignored and everything will be just buried
under the ground... Just forget bout it...

Tmr gonna go coll to return my CIE bio book. Supposedly the book must be returned to the
library on 3rd Jan, but i lazy leh... Look, the fine will be RM0.50 per day. So if i go coll
to return the book, transport fees will be more than RM7. So no point la go coll purposely to
return the book.. sigh.

Eh i got something to say bout IMU... ning2 ah... IMU's campus isnt an ex shopping centre la.
Once upon economic crisis, the shopping complex cant be made and the building mar just used
for IMU lo. It isnt a shopping centre k... I just found out from my sister...

Sorry la Youth and Rachael, i couldnt finish the spagg though u guys did. Lazy la, no mood to

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