27# Hurt and Virtue II

27# Hurt and Virtue II

I dunno what makes a girl to be so emotional. They can just kick u off without any fuckin reason. I can stand tat, but not all the times. I noe sometimes i make problems, but somehow i've apologized for my fault in the end. I dunno my apology is accepted or not. She is still hating me. Wat causes her to be like this? I did wat i could, as long as wat i did didn't bother her. Well, i did wrong at the first place. But now, i think tat she's probably wrong. She must not do tat to me. She must not msg me with those hurting words. It's like a thorn in my flesh, this feeling is still disturbing me. I hate this. I am not the one who shud be hated bcoz of tat small problem. God...

Apparently she is not goin to read this. But i am willing to say sorry again for everything, face to face. Hope we can return to the days like before...

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