384# End of Semester 6

384# End of Semester 6

When each of every semester ends, I will write something to finalise it here.

Surprisingly, half a year in clinical schools has passed just like that without us noticing.

4 more semesters to go and we will then start to work in the hospital (Hell).

I went back to Bukit Jalil campus few months back and I talked to the CSU sisters. They said that those who went to clinical schools will look different when they go back to Bukit Jalil.

Bukit Jalil really pampered us a lot, and a heap to clinical school in Seremban is a great transitional change for us from a university student into a trainee doctor.

They said we looked more mature after we go clinical school, hehe.

So, half a year has gone. We have been through 3 major postings. Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and Surgery.

I did the worst for Internal Medicine, but anyway it still will not change my target to be a physician. At least for now, I'm not interested to be a surgeon, because I can't stand too long because of my "long" body, damn!

Surgery was challenging too and I hope that I have done well for the exams. Hope la.

Life over here is nothing much other than studying. Compared to those who are in UK now, our life here could be really sad for them.

But I do not mind at all, the crazy schedule and workload really make our time of 24 hours spend worthfully. If we can't handle the stress now, sure we will die if we start working next time.

One of our surgeon said that those newly graduated doctors commited suicide due to stress, could be due to the lack of practice in the past. Therefore, get used to be busy now or die later.

Actually we do still have some other stuffs to do other than study though. I joined the diwali night to perform in the sketch, performed a song on drums during christmas night, and...

That's it? I did not join the sport week simply because I don't (can't) do sports. Some of the batchmates go play futsal, swimming, badminton and gym on regular basis but too bad these activities are really not my kind of thing.

Life here is really simple. Go to the hospital in the morning. Class during afternoon until evening. Dinner at night. Study until midnight. And the cycle goes on.

The only time that we can relax is during dinner or shopping in Tesco.

Personally my favourite time of the day is after we reach home from university. It's like, what a relief! And end the busy day with a cold bath. Curse against each other with my housemates before we go dinner. Sounds stupid but those little minutes are the greatest time for me through out the day.

Talk about dinner, it is damn sad that 90% of the restaurant in Seremban closes after 5pm. There will only have food court with less than half of the stalls open, or mamak. Or else we will need to go to the town for food.

I really spend a lot in food, i mean, A LOT. I spend more than half a thousand in food monthly. I have no idea why. Price of the food here is equivalent to in KL, so can't expect them to be cheap.

But anyway, other than eating to survive, we need to enjoy the eating process too.

2 more weeks before the commence of semester 7.

I'll be starting with Obstetric and Gynaecology posting!

The crazy, busy, noisy posting. No more dinner, no more sleep, no more internet, no more breathing for me.

But I'm expected to see more lives being born.

PS: Does anyone knows that hot colours like red, orange are banned in the obstetric wards?


Ren said...

Hey mike

I can read ur blog feed dy!

- Aaron

Mike said...

aaron's this change is for you!

stinchan said...

eh mike..my comment bout the darren-william-mei ann connection hilang d..

Mike said...

I used haloscan before this for comment. Now here you go;

the 'angin' picture, looks like kean seng lau fong d. the final pic = william? I mistook it for darren..william sure tulan if he read I mistook him for cibai face
chan | 02.16.09 - 2:47 am |

chan... u have made a very terrible mistake. the last photo is in fact a female.

It was mei ann la.

I'm gonna tell her that you mistaken her as lam yan. I kept calling her as lam yan these days.
mike | 02.16.09 - 9:30 pm |

HAHAAHAHAAH....not darren...not william...but mei ann. Mistake isn't on my part...its hers.
chan | 02.17.09 - 3:43 am | #

Merisa M said...

hahaha.... i know why mei ann cut her hair till so short like 'lam yan'.

Mike said...

that's y la. make sure you're conscious, alert and communicative when you're having your hair cut. in fact she is not the first person tat i know of who had their hair screwed up bcoz they fell alseep... :P

Zzzyun said...

haha i miss all the imu peeps.. looking at the pictures..

my posting here not very slack also wo. i feel damn tired everyday =/

Mike said...

can't expect clinicals to be slack la somehow. Busier better :P


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