385# A brand new look

Total of 400 posts, 4 years, and that's it. It's time for a change, a change that we can believe in.

Yes we can!

I have never think of changing the blog template until a few months back. It's been 4 years since this page is established and I had never change the template. I only change the background image ocassionally. From the pitch black dark horror images to feminine but yet aggressive images, that was how the layout changed from time to time.

It was not easy to edit the template that this page used. I searched online for a template that I liked, and then I edit it myself into my own style. Plagarism you called it as.

Shiew Guan was the one who taught me all of these. I even used external comment box, image provider, archive for the previous template.

But now, after so many years, blogger has became so user friendly. Just within hours, I have edited the default template clean and decent. Once upon a time it took me a few days to complete it!

Some say this page could not support feed, and now it can.

As for post number 401 (including unnumbered posts), this page has undergone a drastic change. From "Thirteen Autumns and a Widow", it becomes "Darkness of our Bride".

Oh well, I like both title. Feel sad to change it though.

So what do you think? Hope by changing the overall layout of this page can comfort your eyes a little.


`~ Cherylc ~` said...

I saw my name!! My chinese name...u know my chinese name????


Mike said...

shiew guan ma, jin told me. Why so surprise? :P
because i know another cheryl too, so in order to avoid confusion so that credit won't go to the wrong person so i ma credit you in your chinese name lo

`~ Cherylc ~` said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
`~ Cherylc ~` said...

eh why my comment deleted wan? haha

anyhow....long time no see jin already...Wondering how is he ??

Mike said...

"This post has been removed by the author"

The author was you yourself leh. Jin is doing well now currently. Didn't grow taller or fatter but I do instead. I think I'll be meeting him up one of these days...

`~ Cherylc ~` said...

eh I did not delete le..I don't know what happen lol...

eik...u grew taller? I thoguht u are taller than jin LOL...

the last time I heard that he was doing his studies here back in Malaysia :p

so u're still in seremban eh? best of luck in your exams ya!

Mike said...

Jin now doin masters locally. you can get up with him to update more bout him since he no longer overseas already.

I now holiday. Sitting at home enjoying my 9 hours of sleep daily. Damn happy man.


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