284# Steal

284# Steal

Gastrointestinal (GI) exam is over. I know everyone screwed it up, i can't escape this fate as well. GI is certainly the toughest system among all.

In fact, i doubt whether could i even get a B- like all systems or not. This is just plain hard to guess. Furthermore, the university is trying to cut down the amount of paper they spend on printing GI result letter for us therefore they fused the result together with the End of Semester result.

Wtf man. Without knowing how we did for GI, it's damn hard to study for the finals....

Alright, enough of stressing shits. I shall not think about it again (although it's hard to forget it) and think of how to pass the finals.

Something to draw your pain off - let's talk about library.

Ok, i know it's damn boring to talk about library. If you do notice, i posted quite a lot of photos which taken in the library nowadays.

I can't help it, i spend most of the time shitting in the library.

Do you notice that there's something funny at the pigeon holes of the library?

Take a look at the right rack, you shall see something like this:

"We are in the highly respected field of medicine.
Isn't it a shame that we have to deal with student thieves?
Share the knowledge,
Share the books,
DON'T steal"

Sadly, we do have student thieves around. It's unavoidable sometimes. And it's damn stupid. What for you want to steal being a medical student? Study so much of shit for farks?

I have no idea who designed this poster, but the designer would have gotten a heart attack of he or she reads what's written by the students on the paper.

Take a look closer, check out what's written there.

Instead of "Medicine" only, which printed in capital letters on the poster, someone wrote pharmacy and nursing as well on the poster, since the universitity provides these 2 courses too.

And the chain of event took place.

A says, "Both are NOT medical fields but rather healthcare fields. (Terminology is very important)

B says, "Both are medical fields!!"
(Refering to both pharmacy and nursing fields)

C says, " Love is around and so the feeling grows."
(Apparently someone who just want to have fun)

Wtf? It's plain rude to write those things on the poster man. At least show some respect to the designer of the poster even though you disagree with it.

But i do think that "A" is damn funny where he emphasized about terminology...

Anyway, in my very humble opinion, i think "A" was right. Pharmacy is pharmacy while nursing is nursing. There are rather "health care" fields instead of "medical" field.

Just my opinion. I'm weak in terminologies.

By the way, did anyone knows that who wrote those? I'd like to know it.

2 days of break, and study berserk mode has to be ON after that for a month...

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