279# Check the number

279# Check the number

Me: Oii dude, someone send me this.

Darrien: Huh? What?

Me: I catch no E.bola. Apparently someone has just got a wrong number.

Darrien: It means ah... kakak, saya sara yang telefon tadi. Kami nak tengok rumah hari ni boleh keh? Aku boleh hari ni.

Me: Wtf, what kinda short form are those... Only they all will understand. Ruining their own language...

Darrien: Let me your phone for a while.

Me: What are you going to do?

Darrien: Reply people back la diu.

Mike: What the... Are you serious?

Darrien: Lol. I'm going to ask how many people are coming.

Mike: Wait, you can't spell "berapa" as "berapa". Must use their country grammar.

Darrien: So?

Mike: It supposed to be "brapa".

Darrien: Make sense...

Mike: Now is 12... Say that you are free at 2pm!

Darrien: Lol Lmao.

Mike: Lol Rotf.

Darrien: Don't know whether the fella is silly enough to reply back or not.

Mike: Shall see, shall see...

(30 minutes later)

Mike: Hey the fella reply back!

Darrien: What? Serious shit? See see!

Darrien + Mike: Lol walaoeh knnccb...!

Mike: Wtf open pintu belakang? Why can't they open the front door?

Darrien: Ham ka also coming man!

Mike: It sounds a lil bit like main belakan... (cough cough).

Darrien: Now i know "Klu" means "aku".

Mike: I think so... Want to reply back or not?

Darrien: Walao eh, i don't dare already la. Later your number kena trace back.

Mike: Ok... lol.

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