280# One of these days

280# One of these days

Nothing much happened lately. Everything is the same.

Wake up in the morning, wash, pang sai, get ready to go imu.

Library, lunch, lecture, library, pbl, library, pee pee, library.

Don't get me wrong. I sit in the library doesn't mean that i study a lot.

And we go DoTA less.

Managed to catch spiderman 3 with my friends on last wednesday. That was the 3rd time i watched a movie with my batch mates ever since i entered the university.

Quite good actually, but almost 7 out of 14 of us fell asleep in the cinema, and i'm not one of them.

Because of my friends, i have to lie to lie to those who had not watched the movie that...

"M.J." was killed.

Not my fault.

Friend: Eh how was it?

Me: Ok ok la...

Friend: Got anyone died ah?

Me: Mmm... oh harry died.

Friend: Walao, M.J. leh?

Me: Nope.

A friend came and interrupted...

KS: She died la.

Me: Where got?

KS: If not then who was the one who got sticked on the web and got crushed by a falling truck?


Me: Oh ya, she died. Ya...

I thought these kinda shits only happen in gahmen's cb building. But damn, it does happen in our campus too.

I literally witnessed how the tiles moved and cracked in front of me when my friend passed by.

He walked by. Some cracking sound heard. We looked at our friend who walked passed there. We stunned.

Wtf knn earth quake?

I would never knew how good these future pharmacists, doctors can dance. Really. Regardless how busy our life is there's still some time for them to spare with to train their dancing skills.

The dancing competition did not fail to amaze me. These people must have a lot of experiences in clubbing. I can read that from their body language.

And the "worm bounce" really made my day.

Don't laugh, please.

What accompany us in the library all of the times are the books and lecture notes. Most of the times by the music players. Self studying can't be so good without a little bit of sound.

Instrumental, soundtracks, pop jazz, soft rock. And occasionally some nu metal and heavy metal are able pump in a little bit of adrenaline in my blood vessels to keep my engine running.

That's the price to pay - We sacrifice all our social life and get ourselves buried in books. But sometimes we just don't get what we've paid...

Buy me a 40Gb Sony player please. Strictly no iPod.

"iPod is for those who follow trends, not for real music lover. According to our religion we should use, and only use Sony products. Any other musical products are considered to be evil."

Quoted by the divine J. Chan.

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