278# About tmnut - part 2

278# About tmnut - part 2

Edit : Due to the technical difficulties, some miscalculations have occured during the process of defecation. The exact feces are rectified and written in red.

Is there anyone out there using tmnut's streamix now? Make sure you check your bill to ensure that they didn't put you under the RM44 (die die) limited package.

I think i've just gotten the RM 88 (fatt fatt) unlimited package, after calling my sister to press them over the phone for 4 times.

Oh ya, wrap headed blind robots can't do things well. They need external pressures to move them forward. Their inersia is too damn strong to pull themselves on one spot.

By the way, do you know that our famous country's broadband service is the most expensive ones over the world in the sense of speed? RM66 (sei sei) for 1.0 Mega bit per second, take note, is Mega bit, not Mega byte.

By that amount of cold hard cash, people are enjoying something like T1 speed out there.

I'm sorry that he got into some lawsuit, but he did give out some good points. Make sure you hit on it to read more about this issue.

People are enjoying 25Mb/s now, look where are we now.

Additionally, the 25Mb/s is $128, assumming it is RM281.60.

For our country's current technology, RM88 for 1.0Mb/s.

25/1 = 25, therefore 25 times x RM88 = RM2200.

RM2200/RM281.60 = 7.8125 times.

Saw that shit? We are paying 8 times more than the others for the fecally service.

But anyway, be proud to be ourselves.

When kuai lou ask us if we are staying on a cococut tree, tell them we do.

And tell them that we go up to the coconut tree by using the lift.

Something for those who caused all these...

Take this motherfuckers.

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