283# R215

283# R215

It's been almost one and a half year i park my ride in Vista apartment B parking lot. Finally it comes to an end.

I got the car park sticker from Kiryu since the first semester when i first know him during the second day of orientation.

He is a good guy. He didn't charge any from me for the car park.

Maybe the amount of RM35 to RM45 per month is insignificant for him. Since the Japanese yen will turn out to be high once converted to RM right here. So he just wont mind about it about the 1,300 yen per month...

Intensed reverse parking skill was trained here.

It was really convienent to park over in there. The only downside is that you have to walk from the car park to the campus which is about 150m away. And there's nothing to cover you up from the campus to the car park if it's raining.

But somehow, it's still better than parking in the campus. Although RM50/month for the season pass is relatively cheaper than the RM3.50 daily entrance, but there's still a lot of hassles regarding the season car pass.

You have to pay for each of every month for RM50, regardless the rotation posting month, study break, or semester break. You will still have to pay for it even though you are not going to the university.

Damn sucky huh. The advantage is that you can enter and exit the car park unlimited times a day, unlike the fixed RM3.50 entry where you have to press for another ticket once you exit the car park if you wish to reenter the car park.

And the RM3.50 will turn to RM5.00 if you do not manage to pay before the cashier office closes.

One of the 99 ways of god damned private universities to squeeze out more juice from the students.

Pose for the last day where i parked

Upon Kiryu's request, i've returned his apartment's car sticker back to him, because his close friend wants it.

Of course i had to return to him since it was his, and he didn't charge anything from me for the past 14 months. Anyway, thanks man for letting me park at your space for this long.

(Shit, i'm so used to turn into the apartment. Hope i will remember to turn into the campus's car park instead.)

Therefore i have to park in the campus's car park and pay RM3.50 daily, since today onwards. I don't want all the hassles and issues about the season pass.

It's so god damn frustrating and caused 2 of my friends to cancel the pass and parked at Vista apartments' car parks instead, by renting the car space from batchmates who are staying there.

This is not going to be permanent. I'm planning to move in on Semester 4, therefore i should be getting a parking space then. I hope this plan works.

Paying RM3.50 per day is (sic) when you are paying RM28 per day for 70km of petrol and 6 Kesas tolls.

Thanks to the university, the gahmen, and uncle sam who raised the toll fees.

A piece of shit...

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