169# Unequalities

169# Unequalities

I was just about begin this with the line that i'd did for the previous post. I have not find any room to rent yet!

Considering Shafiq and me, together with one more guy to rent a unit for RM1100 per month. So one person among us would need to pay extra for the master bedroom.

To split the pay, the only way that i could split so that the difference is the lowest would be RM330, RM370, RM400 respectively for small room, middle room, and master bedroom.

But RM400 for a master bedroom is a little bit to low if compared to those master bedrooms available out there. Well, i don't know man... I should settle this as soon as possible. My time is running out.

Anyway, Tai Ken's accommodation in the UK is really scary. One small cell for RM700 per WEEK is 7 times more than what available opposite IMU. What to do, UK is UK. Msia is Msia...

Actually i feel a little bit bored when people questioned me about what am i doing now.

The usual answers that i have given were,
1. I'm jobless now since half a year ago.
2. I'll be studying in Bukit Jalil next month.
3. University is starting next month.

When people asked further about what am i going to study, they will usually give me some weird feedbacks.

Let's look at these examples.

First Case
Venue - Little Asia, a lounge at Bukit Tinggi.
Occasion - Night drink with primary schoolmates.

Lee : You suck in having long hair, though you covered with your cap.
Me : Thanks for reminding. I'm not bothering it since i'm staying at home all this time. I'll cut it later on.
Lee : You still suck in either long or short hair. Cut it short do not help.
Me : Thanks for your precious compliments.
Lee : So what are you doing now?
Me : Jobless since October last year. Just hang around.
Lee : How about your university? Not planning to study anymore?
Me : My course is commencing during the Febuary.
Lee : Huh? What are you going to study?
Me : Medicine.
Lee : Huh? (With "such an ass like you?" expression)
Me : Why?
Lee : I'd never expect you'll study that.

Conclusion : I will get countless critiques from the others about my physical look each of every year when we meet up. I'm sick of these about i've never show my temper to them. I try my best not to slay those sluts as i could. To those who have know me since i was young, they'd never expect me to pick up this course. I do not know what are they thinking though.

Second Case
Venue - My friend, William's bedroom, Taman Masnah.
Occasion - Playing Gran Turismo 2 at the PS1 with Will's Brother in Law

Me : Wah... Your Evo VI's acceleration is too fast la. Although it's 267 HP like my R34.
Keong : Never mind la, you're still close behind me.
Me : I'm using manual now leh, supposedly i would be faster than you one la. How come?
Keong : How would i know? You come overtake me only la if you could, haha.
Me : Hey, i played High Speed Ring since i was 14 you know...
Keong : Are you working now ah?
Me : No... Going to study already la next month.
Keong : What are you going to study?
Me : Medicine.
Keong : Walao-eh. Really bo?
Me : Haha...

Conclusion : It's rather hard for people to believe, being an ex Kampung Jawa-ian would pick up this course.
Most of the students from this school are either have began to work, or studying at local universities, or being a full/part time gangster.

Third Case
Venue - EON workshop that i had worked before, Shah Alam.
Occasion - Sending my sister's car for maintainance, and to chat with the mechanic.

Peng : Oii Ming, so free ar?
Me : Peng ar, please fix the front windows. Cannot go up la when i wind down.
Peng : The motors out already la. Last time when you came change cable i told you already ma.
Me : So how much is the price for the motor?
Peng : Original EON one, the price will make you piss in your pants la. RM139 each.
Me : Walao-eh. Really bo?
Peng : Never mind la, i go find second hand one for you. Cheaper.
Me : Can one or not?
Peng : Can one...
Me : Then ok la, the second hand one la.
Peng: Ok. So how is your studies? Medic happening or not?
Me : Course has not started yet la. Next month.
Peng : So what kind of doctor are you doing to study? The one help women to give birth one ar?
Me : No la, the basic only for 5 years. After finished already only can go deeper to those.
Peng : If study the give birth one very geli la.
(Further conversations are sensored)

Conclusion : There are still more than a few of people do not understand what is a medicine course. They thought we are going into be specialised straight away.
This guy has never give me any weird expressions because he already knew i want to study long time ago. Nothing special for him since he knows my family background.
Hey people, medicine is not studying deliveries only one la...

I have to admit that my appereance has already give a "nerdy" look for everyone. Personally, i do not think that i'm a gangster-looked kind of person. My spectables hung already indicate that, I'm a nerd.
But i do not know why people will still have that kind of thinking towards me.

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I was born with this kind of face, why can't i study medcine? Further more, is there anything got to do with studying this course if i have this kind of shitty face?

Well, whatever they like. But i'm really pissed off to my primary schoolmates.

I do not care if they are reading this. I just have to say,

"Cunt, watch what you're saying. I'm not an idiot. But the one who said i am one, is really an idiot"

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