164# Caramel Flavoured Cutie Sweeties

164# Caramel Flavoured Cutie Sweeties

Girls are indeed a creature who no one could understand. There are born to be beautiful. In order to attain this, they would try their very best to look as beautiful as they could.

Natural born beautiful girls do still spend a lot of time and money on making themselves up. Since they are natural beauties, thus they will just need some other external factors to amplify their beautiness.

For those who are not born with angel's face, they would still try their best to look good. But no matter how hard they try, no one can turn from a devil to an angel, that's for sure. There's still a limit.

Now days, i mean girls now days, having a trend to act cute. Yes, acting cute and innocent.

Just days ago, i read a very funny part from the entertainment news. An issue about how the female singers from the Taiwan act cute.

Now this is how it goes.

Level 1 - SHE : Cartoon Voice

SHE in this case is not representing the taiwan female group S.H.E., but it's about the pronouncation of those artists when they're speaking.

Their voices are specially technically processed. When they are speaking in Mandarin, a voice of "SHE" will be added.

For example, the word "Thank you" is prounouced as "Xie Xie" in Mandarin. But for a cutie wannabes, it pronounces as "SHie SHie".

Can't distinguish the difference? There is a difference if you know to speak in Mandarin.

Besides murmuration is necessary. Voice must be soft. Just like holding a sweet in their mouth.

Example - Chi Ling, Lim

Level 2 - Supremacy

A - Make ups

i) Fake eyelashes - No matter real or fake, or extended. As long as it's long and dark, that's beautiful eyelashes.

ii) Face powder - I don't know what we called those in english. Powders which applied on the cheek. Red and bright face powders are compulsory.

B - Facial expressions - Eyes must be wide opened, looked as innocent as possible. Must remain the smile, like waiting for a kiss. With blinking eyes expressions.

C - No cat walks - During walking, cutie wannabes must avoid from cat walking. Must always look back, and wave their hands to the others.

D - Poses - Fingers must always be ready to pose the "V" sign. The pose can't be too exaggerated. The position of the "V" sign must be close to the eye. But the important part is that not to stab the fingers into the eyes. Be careful.

EXamples - Chi Ling, Lim Cyndi Wong Jolin Tsai

Level 3 - Ultimacy

Cuties say no to "Big Boobs". Because that make them looks like a mother of a dozen.

The most important of being an ultimate cutie, the height must not exceed 1.65 meters. For those who do, there's no way to be such cuties then.

Example - Rainny (Formerly from 4 in Love)

Please don't get me wrong. I hate those girls in the examples given above.

Chi Ling, Lim - I wonder would she maintain her voice when she was being sliched to death.

Cyndi Wong - She got lots of so called cute expressions, which make my eyesore.

Jolin Tsai - Come on la, she is not beautiful at all.

Rainny - Man, she's even worse than Jolin. I can simply find someone who is prettier than her anywhere. She's such kind of person, but still dared to act cute. Ultimate.

I have enough of these. I have seen lot of girls now days following such a trend. Even a few of friends of mine are doing the same thing. Actually they were making me to puke. They thought they looked great though. I have never think those were cute, come on.

Be yourself, be natural. Don't be astray.

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