165# Disclaimer for the Sweetened post

165# Disclaimer for the Sweetened post

Folks, please do not get to sensitive to my previous post. I do not mean anyone here who are reading these. Neither directly nor indirectly.

I was pointing to a particular friend who i had mentioned before in the 140th entry. Read it in the November archive if you want...

I do not think that she will read my blog. Or else i would not had typed those. If you really wanted to find out how exactly a person i mentioned looked like, you can find this person in my friendster. I have only 167 friends now, therefore it is not going to be a problem to look for it.

In order to protect the privacy of this person, i shall not type her name out. But i'm giving you a hint here, where the name has 7 alphabets.

I was not pointing to those whose names are not in 7 alphabets. If a person you found in my friendster list is with a 7 alphabets name, it's not going to be the exact person too. Because i believe that more than one person in my list have 7 alphabets names...

If you had saw her photos, I bet that you would agree to what i'd said in the previous post.

Agree with me?

Just say yes.

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