162# What colour can you see?

162# What colour can you see?

According to Jin, racial discriminations still occur overseas. Once in Australia, there were a lot of them which gang bang middle east muslims. I knew that from the newspaper...

Jin said, even an old women, walks on the street, spotted asian in her country, would insult the people. Calling them to get their asses back to their country. The funny part was, some will say...
"Ni Hao, Zhong Guo Ren! Get back to your country China!"

It sounds friendly initially since they spoke in Mandarin. But the second part was really pissing off.

In the UK, people who are different races will not sit together to have a tea. Unlike what we have over here, Malay, Chinese and Indian go mamak. Sit in a same table and chat together. This would never happen outside country of Malaysia.

Once after our conversation regarding that issue, suddenly i felt so proud to be a Malaysian.

We were taught to tolerant with the other races since we were young. Although i've seen a lot of unfair things happened around me. But at least i could still endure those problems. Racial discriminations occur overseas are just simply too much to be accepted.

Students go overseas for higher studies. Even though they would have some part time jobs over there. But the main reason they go to those countries are not to earn, but learn. So what is the point for those people to insult asians over there? They are not taking anything away from them.

This evening i went out to send my sister's car to fix the windows. Since the new original part of the windows' motor were too expensive, so the mechanic recommended me for second hand ones.

Once i had worked over that workshop, so i'm very close to that mechanic. I followed the mechanic to a huge car part workshop for second hand parts. While the way back to the workshop that i'd work with before with the mechanic, he received a call from someone over the phone.

"Hello, who is this? Xiao Fen ar? Oh... ok. Where are you staying? Xxxx hotel? Alright... Just see whether i have the time or not..."

According to what he said, i could judge who was over the phone. He admitted it, and he laughed that was a whore from China looking for business. He said he didn't know how that lady got his number. Anyway i do not think he would look for her since he had married. I guess...

For that case, that was despicable. Those ladies from the mainland of China, immigrate illegally and have unmoral business in our country. The phenomenon has caused a lot of local Chinese ladies to be said as prostitutes by those who like to cause racial bias.

I love Malaysia. I love Malaysia food. I love Malaysia's mamak. But i dislike dirty mamaks... and the flies...

Malaysia is good.

First time i praise Malaysia? No... This is the second time i'm doing this.

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